Scenic Eclipse Adventure

With an on board helicopter and submarine, adventure cruises on board Scenic Eclipse are unlike anything else on Earth

Journey beyond the expected, past the limits of the map, on board the World’s First Discovery Yacht™ . Scenic Eclipse was inspired by a desire to expand our consciousness, venturing across mighty oceans in search of new experiences most travelers can only dream of. From the Arctic to Antarctica in exceptional truly all-inclusive luxury – ocean cruising has never felt like this, and you’re invited to be a part of it.

Join us on board Scenic Eclipse and witness the dawn of a new era of ocean cruising. We’ve combined our signature all-inclusive luxury service with the spirit of ocean discovery, affording guests the unique opportunity to explore all four corners of the globe in the height of luxury, elegance, and at-sea safety. 

With Scenic, you are more than a spectator to the wonders of our extraordinary world. Scenic Eclipse is equipped with a fleet of exploratory vehicles designed to take you beyond the horizon, from Zodiacs, kayaks and e-bikes to submarines and a helicopter, which can all be chartered for unforgettable private tours through the world’s most captivating destinations.

Scenic Eclipse offers unique experiences for every traveler, whether you long to discover far-flung cultures, rekindle your spirit of adventure, sample regional cuisine, or simply go where nobody goes. To help inspire your journey on board the World’s First Discovery Yacht™, our Inspire Me guides showcase our ocean cruises by interest, Adventure, Culture, Gastronomy, and Discovery.

 Airbus H130 Helicopters

Scenic Eclipse Helicopter

When soaring high above planet Earth on board our state-of-the-art Airbus H130 helicopters, you’ll experience nature’s most serene, beautiful and exclusive locations – usually out-of-reach to the ordinary traveler.

From gazing down towards lush, colorful, coral formations in the Caribbean, to gliding high above the endless white tundra of the Arctic Circle, an experience in Scenic Eclipse’s luxurious helicopter is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Scenic° Neptune Submarine

Scenic Eclipse Submarine

Scenic Neptune (photo credit: fStop Movies), our underwater submarine capable of diving up to 300 metres below sea level, completely redefines underwater exploration.

Offering guests a luxury experience underwater, our on board submarine allows you to marvel at awe-inspiring marine life, drift past colorful and vibrant coral structures and discover unknown and mysterious environments. Take the plunge and explore the delights and mysteries of the deep.

Scenic Discovery Excursions

Scenic Eclipse Submarine

Our Scenic Discovery excursions, which take guests on exploratory guided tours on board Zodiacs, kayaks and e-bikes, allow for a full adventure experience like nothing else.

These excursions also include snorkelling underneath lush, clear waters in the Caribbean, hiking across the Arctic tundra and kayaking close to breathtaking marine life.

Discovery Team

Scenic Eclipse Helicopter

We aim to make every cruise as unique as our guests are, which is why we offer the broadest range of all-inclusive shore excursions.

Our specialist Discovery Team will be on hand to share their expertise, allowing you to tailor your holiday to guarantee the experience of a lifetime.

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