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Witness underwater worlds

Discover the depths of the ocean, see sub-aquatic environments and uncover diverse, vibrant marine life. 

Scenic Neptune, our underwater submarine capable of diving up to 984 feet below sea level, completely redefines underwater exploration.

Offering guests a luxury experience underwater, our on board submarine allows you to marvel at awe-inspiring marine life, drift past colorful and vibrant coral structures and discover unknown and mysterious environments.

Our submarine is a U-Boat Worx Cruise Submarine 7, and it can seat up to six guests, as well as our specialist pilot. Scenic Neptune features revolving seats that provide a 280-degree rotation, and guests can take in the view in every direction through the dual acrylic sphere windows. With a complete panoramic view of the ocean’s surroundings, you’ll see each and every wonderful creature that passes you by under the sea. 


1 Pilot & 6 Guests

Depth: Up to 984 feet

Endurance: Up to 18 Hours

Weight: 20,944 lbs

Dives: Up to 8 per day

Speed: 3 knots

Dimensions: 126" x 177" x 91"

Interior: Luxurious, air-conditioned & 

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