Love to Travel for Culinary Delights

Sweet aromas drifting through the air, the subtle filling of a champagne flute and an unrivaled feeling of sophistication, it’s time to once again savor in the sensational delights of exquisite cuisine during a 5-star Europe river cruise with Scenic.  
Welcome back to a world where sensory delights are boundless and each meal is a gastronomical masterpiece. On a luxury Europe river cruise with Scenic, it’s more than just your on board epicurean journey that is taken care of. Every year the waterways of Europe are searched to ensure that your onshore culinary experience is both remarkable and also world-class. It’s the Scenic way.  

Truly All-Inclusive On Board Dining 

The sensational Livart cheese you tried at the Honfleur cheese factory. The rich brandy you sipped in the fortified town of Cognac. The vibrant artichokes at the Bordeaux farmer’s market.  The magic of dining on a 5-star river cruise with Scenic is the local produce you tried in the day is very likely the produce our chefs will incorporate into the outstanding dishes you will enjoy on board. Our chefs are creative geniuses, incorporating the local flavors to bring you a genuine taste of Europe. On board, there’s up to five dining experiences to cater to every taste, mood and preference. Satisfy your inner gourmand with exquisite fine dining at L’Amour/Portobellos or reconnect with loved ones with a romantic meal in the privacy of your luxury suite. Our truly all-inclusive philosophy means your choice of premium beverages^ - wine, beer, cocktails, spirits – are available all day and not just at mealtimes.  

A Culinary Tradition that Stretches Centuries

The endless expanse of vibrant green vineyards gently pass as you cycle through the stunning Bordeaux countryside upon a complimentary e-bike (electronically assisted bicycle). A visit to the Sauternes wine region to sip on sweet wine once favored by Nobles. In Southern France, hunt for truffles and sample the finest Beaujolais wines. With Scenic Enrich, you’ll visit the Cite de Chocolate museum in Tain l’Hermitage sampling some of the world’s finest chocolates after the doors have been closed to the public. Our Scenic Enrich encounters are all-inclusive and exclusive, ensuring that onshore epicurean experiences are truly unique and will be remembered long after you return home.  

An Authentic European Cooking Experience 

Europe is awash with artisan makers and creators. With Scenic Freechoice, handpicked, varied and fascinating shore excursions allow you to personalise your pursuits every day and pursue them at your own pace. Visiting a mustard factory in Beaune and learning about the history of the condiment that dates to the Middle Ages. Visit one of the oldest Franconian cellars for delicious Schnapps tasting. Wander the food markets in Bordeaux and Avignon and sample cheese and other delectable local produce during the Shop with a Chef Scenic Freechoice. 
In the South of France and Bordeaux, Scenic Culinaire is led by Scenic expert chefs who guide groups of 10 guests through the consummate artistry of French cuisine, using locally sourced, fresh and seasonal ingredients. Enjoy the meal you’ve created as you glide through the gastronomically blessed French waterways, creating a memory that will flood back every time you prepare the delicious meal when you return home.  

It's Time to Book

The world is reopening and now is the time to once again explore different cultures, cuisines and countries. With Scenic, it’s more than luxury travel, it’s truly all-inclusive luxury travel in a class of its own.
^All beverages are included except for a very small number of fine and vintage wines, Champagnes and spirits.