Culinary Insights with Chef Tom Göetter

Global Executive Chef team webinar with Avid Cruiser & River Cruise Advisor

Hear firsthand from our top cruise chefs. Learn what it takes to create the top-quality dining options enjoyed by guests on our fleet of river and ocean ships. 

1. Baked Coconut Tart

Culinary Director,  Joerg Linder's notes:

A few bowls, a mixer, a short ingredients’ list, it is so easy to make and forms three different layers once baked! Mindlessly easy, goofproof, and coconut lovers will love this magic tart. This Coconut Tart is a simple recipe handed down to me by my great grandmother and I am passing it on to all of you. We call it the best ever ’round these parts.
Coconut Tart

2. Banana Tarte Tatin

Corporate Executive Chef, Ionel Purice's notes:

Serve the French Banana Tarte Tatin warm with dust of icing sugar and a scoop of bourbon Vanilla ice cream.
Banana Tarte Tatin by Ionel Purice

3. Beer Prawns

Executive Chef, Tom Goetter's Notes:

When we launched Scenic Eclipse last year, one of the first regions we visited was the Nordics and it reminded me of a very special dish I had made years ago. You cook seafood in beer, fennel and caraway seeds, which may sound crazy because you lightly ferment the stock, but the outcome of the flavors is amazing!

4. Bouillabaisse & Rouille

Corporate Executive Chef, Ionel Purice's notes:

5. Escargot a la Viennoise 

Corporate Executive Chef, Ionel Purice's notes:

6. Marinated Tuna Nicoise

Culinary Director,  Joerg Linder's notes:

“Fresh and simple best defines our style of cooking.  When I’m pondering what to make for dinner, I look for dishes that look pretty, have a nutritional benefit, and take little time or effort to make.  Salade Niçoise (knee-swahz) is a classic example of making a harmonious dish by building on flavors, using fresh ingredients, and presenting it in a way that looks sumptuous and colorful.
Tuna Nicoise

7. Mushroom Ceviche

Executive Chef, Tom Goetter's Notes:

I believe mushrooms are one of the most underrated foods and offer up some of my favorite flavors. While sailing through Canada, we created a Mushroom Ceviche using local produce and the flavor of the mushrooms is unlike any I’ve ever tasted – it was amazing!
Scenic Eclipse - Koko's, Vegan Mushroom and Avocado Ceviche

8. Raw Zucchini Roll ups with Avocado, Nuts and Crudité 

Executive Chef, Tom Goetter's Notes:

9. Wiener Schnitzel

Culinary Director,  Joerg Linder's notes:

When done right, there are few finer dishes than a traditional wienerschnitzel. Crisp, golden breadcrumbs encase a tender and juicy veal or pork fillet, shallow fried until perfect. This is a great dish for a weeknight dinner, served with homemade potato salad. Surprisingly quick and wonderfully easy for anyone to prepare.
Wiener Schnitzel

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