French Onion Soup Recipe

Seven popular recipes from around the world

One of the great pleasures of travel is sampling the local cuisines and discovering the favorite foods of the natives. Many of us choose our destinations based upon our culinary preferences, looking to find the most authentic dishes that the locals love. Food can also teach us so much about local life and regional history. Popular dishes are so often the recipes passed down from generation to generation, using indigenous ingredients and cooking techniques perfected locally. At this time when travel is incredibly limited, we’re helping you recreate seven of the most amazing dishes from around the world.

1. Baked Coconut Tart

A truly decadent dish, with rich, beefy onion broth topped with a slice of French bread and melted gruyere cheese; there are few things more luxurious than a buttery French onion soup. Absolutely perfect on a cold and dark evening, this traditional dish combines all the classic flavors of France in a velvety soup, and is wonderfully simple to make.

French Onion Soup Recipe

2. Banana Tarte Tatin

Rich with Hungary’s most famous export, paprika; goulash is a traditional peasant dish that has delighted palates and satisfied appetites for centuries. Despite its humble beginnings, goulash is now a firm favorite with leading gourmets the world over – thanks to the fall-apart tenderness of the beef, the richness of the tomato-based stock and the subtle aroma of the paprika.

Hungarian Goulash Recipe

3. Beer Prawns

When done right, there are few finer dishes than a traditional wienerschnitzel. Crisp, golden breadcrumbs encase a tender and juicy veal or pork fillet, shallow fried until perfect. This is a great dish for a weeknight dinner, served with homemade potato salad. Surprisingly quick and wonderfully easy for anyone to prepare.

Austrian Wienerschnitzel Recipe

4. Bouillabaisse & Rouille

Although incredibly popular at Christmas markets, currywurst can be enjoyed anywhere and at any time of year. To top classic German wursts, whip up this traditional currywurst sauce which is light, spicy and absolutely delicious. You can either chop up your wursts and serve with fries, or you can drizzle the sauce over the sausage encased in a classic hot dog bun.

German Currywurst

5. Escargot a la Viennoise 

Fries, cheese and gravy might sound more like a takeaway treat students enjoy after a night of beers, but these three simple ingredients make up the much-loved Canadian dish of poutine. Although it can be switched up to your tastes (and what you’ve got in the cupboard), the classic poutine is fries topped with beef gravy and cheese curds. Not particularly elegant, but absolutely delicious.

Canadian Poutine

6. Marinated Tuna Nicoise

Culinary Director,  Joerg Linder's notes:

“Fresh and simple best defines our style of cooking.  When I’m pondering what to make for dinner, I look for dishes that look pretty, have a nutritional benefit, and take little time or effort to make.  Salade Niçoise (knee-swahz) is a classic example of making a harmonious dish by building on flavors, using fresh ingredients, and presenting it in a way that looks sumptuous and colorful.
Tuna Nicoise

7. Mushroom Ceviche

Executive Chef, Tom Goetter's Notes:

I believe mushrooms are one of the most underrated foods and offer up some of my favorite flavors. While sailing through Canada, we created a Mushroom Ceviche using local produce and the flavor of the mushrooms is unlike any I’ve ever tasted – it was amazing!
Scenic Eclipse - Koko's, Vegan Mushroom and Avocado Ceviche
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