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An Extraordinary New Season is Coming...

Scenic Eclipse continues its ground-breaking discovery of the Earth’s most beautiful destination into 2023. Always seeking out what’s beyond the horizon, our new voyage calendar for 2022-2023 showcases new destinations and itineraries, new landscapes and cultures, new experiences. As we follow the sun across the mighty oceans of the world.  

Featured Regions for 2022-2023

Franz Joseph Land

Franz Joseph Adventure
High in the Russian Arctic, lies an archipelago known as Franz Josef Land, home to colonies of walruses, ivory gulls and the bowhead whale. Many older explorer’s spent time here whilst trying to sail to the North Pole, and for many years the Soviet Union closed off the area to foreign researchers and travelers, only opening the archipelago for international activities from 1990. As one of the last great frontiers of the world, Franz Joseph Land is one few have trod but one to which many aspire.

The Mediterranean

Bewitching scenery and irresistible tastes add to a dramatic culture you can touch, smell, see and savor in the Mediterranean. Ancient ruins, awe-inspiring art, legendary cities, quaint villages of yester-year and pristine beaches – the Mediterranean is a visual feast for the senses. Visit untouched islands, dive beneath the waves in our submarine to seek out ancient relics and soar above mighty landscapes in our helicopter for an entirely different view of the Mediterranean.

The Mighty Amazon

Mighty Amazon
The Amazon is a place of near-mythical status; the world’s mightiest river, an unrivalled wildlife-watching destination and still one of the least explored regions on earth. Travel with Scenic Eclipse from Belem to Iquitos on an Amazonian adventure. Or be inspired by the vibrant cultures and lifestyles of South America and explore the heritage of the ancient conquistadors on a journey of discovery from Montevideo, along Brazil’s colonial coast to Belem.

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