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The Americas Ocean Cruises

Water so pristine it resembles glass, balmy temperatures and a relaxed pace, it’s no wonder so many of the world’s great cocktails originated in this part of the world — you simply need to celebrate being alive in the temperate Caribbean. Order up your favorite drink from your Scenic Eclipse butler, then sit back and enjoy being on one of the world’s great cruises through one of the most spectacular places on Earth.


The Caribbean

The climate is perfect, the water is perfect, the islands are … perfect. No matter which island you happen to find yourself on, from the Caymans to Jamaica, even the hidden island gems off the coast of Colombia, every moment will be a revelation. Rich with history, swarming with ribald tales of pirates and treasure and inhabited by a host of welcoming people, you’ll love your time in the Caribbean.

Caribbean cruises


Chilean Fjords

Big skies and even bigger mountains, glaciers and stretches of ocean. Cruising through the Chilean Fjords is one of life’s great moments. Scenic Eclipse will take you further into this incredible landscape so you can explore, see and do more. The power of the ever-growing Pio XI Glacier and the beauty of Torres del Paine National Park are just waiting for you to discover.

chilean fjords


Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands is a treasure trove of history, natural wonder and local hospitality. A place where penguins outnumber humans? You simply must see this place.falkland islands



White sand beaches, rolling mountains, cigars, salsa and rum. The Cuba of your imagination is alive and well. Hop inside a wellpreserved 1950s car and get to know the true spirit of Cuba, even get to know the locals. Spend time along the vibrant coastline, explore untouched national parks and venture out into the pristine waters. Cuba is a country unlike any other, one that will fill your soul and gladden your heart with its zest for life. 

cuba cruises



One of life’s great experiences is to pass through the Panama Canal. This marvel of engineering recently celebrated its 100th anniversary and you’ll transit it on Scenic Eclipse during daylight hours, further heightening the experience. Panama is also where you’ll find the unspoiled San Blas Islands which offer some of the best underwater excursions on the planet, thanks to its vast array of sea creatures and outstanding coral reefs.

panama cruises



Vibrant, unexpected and full to the brim with natural beauty, Colombia will speak to your soul. Spend time in the fairy tale city of Cartagena, a place that inspired one of the world’s most magical authors, Gabriel García Márquez. Visit the untouched tropical jungles of Utría National Park, a sanctuary for marine life or potter between the beautiful islands of San Andrés, Providencia and Cayo Congrejo.colombia cruises

All Inclusive Luxury Ocean Cruising

When you travel with Scenic you can be confident that we’ll go a little further to ensure that every aspect of your journey has been considered. It’s about going a degree beyond to ensure that your cruise is a truly carefree experience. 

  • 100% verandah suites
  • Unlimited complimentary beverages 
  • All meals on board
  • 24-hour room service
  • Choice of six dining options 
  • Butler service for every guest
  • Expert-led shore excursions
  • Bottled water for all shore excursions
  • Late night menu 
  • Cocktails to your room
  • Zodiac, kayak and snorkelling adventures
  • E-bikes
  • On board entertainment & lectures
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi internet
  • Complimentary self-service guest laundry
  • Personalised airport transfers
  • All tipping, gratuities and porterage


The America's Ocean Cruises

The America's Ocean Cruises

Standard Suites Fly Free

Iconic Danube

8 days
Munich > Budapest
Enjoy an 8 day cruise from Budapest to Munich along the Danube river. See some of the most beautiful places that Germany, Austria and Hungary has to offer.
from $3,095

The Majestic East

8 days
Vienna > Belgrade
Begin in the magical city of Vienna and travel along the Danube to explore cities in Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia
from $3,225
Fly Free Economy Class

Gems of the Danube

8 days
Nuremberg > Budapest
Discover the historical wonders of Europe on a 8 day cruise from Budapest to Nuremberg. Enjoy ultimate luxury on an all-inclusive 5 star Scenic Space-Ship.
from $3,445
Save Up To $400*

Danube Discovery Christmas Markets

8 days
Budapest > Nuremberg
Soak up the Christmas atmosphere with an 8 day journey from Budapest to Nuremberg. Explore the beautiful cities, their christmas markets and decorations.
from $3,480 $3,280
Fly Free Economy Class

Gems of the Danube with Prague

11 days
Prague > Budapest
Enjoy 3 nights in Prague as you explore the city with a local guide before you embark on a 7 day river cruise along the Danube from Nuremberg to Budapest.
from $4,105
Fly Free Economy Class

Black Sea Explorer

11 days
Budapest > Bucharest
This 11 day cruise from Budapest to Bucharest along the Danube River will show you all the magical Balkan and the Black Sea regions have to offer.
from $4,165
Fly Free Economy Class

Jewels of Europe

15 days
Budapest > Amsterdam
Embark on a luxurious journey from Amsterdam to Budapest. Cruise the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers on board an all-inclusive 5-star Scenic Space-Ship.
from $5,445
Fly Free Economy Class

Black Sea Explorer with Turkey

18 days
Budapest > Istanbul
Dream away on this amazing 11 day cruise and tour through the beautiful Black Sea region and Turkey. Visit along the way Troy, Budapest and Istanbul.
from $6,188
Save Up To $800*

Christmas Markets

15 days
Budapest > Amsterdam
Experience Europe at Christmastime on a 15 day river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. See the charming villages and visit the Christmas markets.
from $6,805 $6,405
Save Up To $2,000*

Danube Delta Discovery

16 days
Bucharest > Vienna
This 16 day cruise along the Danube will take you from amazing Bucharest to charming Vienna, visiting wondrous places like Budapest and the Iron Gate.
from $7,095
Save Up To $800*

Christmas Wonderland

16 days
Amsterdam > Budapest
Breathe in the magic of Christmas on a 16 day river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest. Enjoy the Christmas markets, delicacies and decorations of Europe.
from $7,390 $6,990
Fly Free Economy Class

Jewels of Europe with Prague

18 days
Amsterdam > Prague
Be enchanted on an 18 day journey from Amsterdam to Prague. See the canals, take part in a medieval feast and explore the famous Romantic Road in Wurzburg.
from $7,470
Save Up To $2,000*

Jewels of Europe with Paris

18 days
Paris > Budapest
Lights sparkling on the river, enchanting towns, romantic culture - find it all on this all-encompassing 18 day European experience from Paris to Budapest.
from $8,020

Jewels of Europe with Paris

18 days
Budapest > Paris
Have an amazing experience on this 18 day cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. Afterwards visit for 3 days one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris.
from $8,665
Fly Free Economy Class

Jewels of Europe with Paris & Prague

21 days
Paris > Prague
Explore the wondrous cities of Amsterdam, Cologne, Vienna and more on a 21 day journey from Paris to Prague. See the Rhone Gorge, Marksburg Castle and more.
from $9,310
Save Up To $2,000*

North Sea to the Black Sea

23 days
Amsterdam > Bucharest
Embark on this 23 day cruise from Amsterdam to Bucharest, discovering magical and historical cities and villages situated along the banks of the Rhine.
from $10,590

Jewels of Europe with Eastern Europe Explorer

24 days
Prague > Amsterdam
Enlightenment and luxury combine on this all-encompassing cruise experience through Europe's finest. From Prague to Amsterdam, discover the old and the new.
from $11,765
Save Up To $2,000*

Jewels of Europe with Grand Alpine

26 days
Zurich > Amsterdam
The ultimate river cruising experience and more. Delight in the beauty of a 26 day journey from Zurich to Amsterdam. Majestic views and rich culture await.
from $12,635
Save Up To $2,000*

North Sea to the Black Sea with Turkey

30 days
Amsterdam > Istanbul
Travel through time on the ultimate 30 day journey from Amsterdam to Istanbul. See picturesque Cologne, gilded Vienna and historic Gallipolli along the way.
from $12,765

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