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River Cruises in Germany

Start your luxury German river cruise adventure today. For more than two decades, international tourism in Germany has increased exponentially, and Scenic’s German river cruise offerings are no exception. In 1992, visitors accounted for 38.2 million overnight stays, but by 2013 that number had climbed to 71.9 million, which marks an 88 percent increase over a 21-year period. Almost 40 percent of those travelers confirmed that they made their trips to Germany with sightseeing in mind.
Prominent tourism draws throughout the country include a trio of castles: Heidelberg Castle, which first attracted tourists during the early 19th century; Schwerin Palace, which was once the home of the grand dukes of Germany’s northernmost region; and Neuschwanstein Castle, which was built as a palatial retreat for the reclusive Bavarian king Ludwig II and has since served as the inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty castle at Disneyland in California and for part of the Cinderella castle at Disney World in Florida. Fortunately, a Scenic river cruise through Germany offers guests an unmatched opportunity to explore the many highlights of this beautiful and intriguing region.

River Cruising Through Germany

For guests aboard a German river cruise, the most pertinent World Heritage site is the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. Often called the Rhine Gorge or the Romantic Rhine, this 40-mile stretch of the Rhine River meanders past more than five dozen medieval towns and more than 40 castles—some well-preserved, others in various states of ruin. In fact, this stretch of the Rhine River became famous during the Romanticism period (end of the 18th century to late 19th century), when many of Europe’s leading authors, including Lord Byron, wrote poetically about its dramatic vistas and scenery. Those written works inspired many affluent Europeans to visit the Rhine Gorge to take in the region’s natural splendor.

Those who sail through Germany on a European river cruise  can take in another of the nation’s most popular natural attractions, the Black Forest. According to reports, Bavaria is the most popular destination within Germany for international visitors, and within that region the nature reserves of the Black Forest are among the country’s most popular tourist sites, according to the German National Tourist Board. The Romantic Road, a 220-mile stretch of roadways running through the Black Forest, is based loosely on an old Roman trade route and connects numerous palatial castles and medieval towns that served as the inspiration for many of today’s popular fairy tales.

Rhine River (Germany)

Much of the 764-mile-long Rhine River flows through Germany; and while the most famous German section of the river (between Mainz and Düsseldorf) is known for inspiring the Romantic movement, the Upper Rhine, which flows through southern Germany, can provide diverse cultural experiences from those of the river’s middle and lower sections farther to the north. 

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Moselle River Cruises

For 339 miles, the Moselle flows down from the Vosges mountain range in northeastern France and continues its path through Luxembourg and western Germany before connecting with the Rhine at Koblenz. 

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