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European River Cruises

There is no shortage of experiences to be had on an all inclusive river cruise through Europe. Many seasoned river cruisers can attest that once you see the jewels of Europe from a luxury cruise ship floating down one of the continent’s rivers, you’ll find that there is simply no better way to travel.
With meticulously planned itineraries, unforgettable onshore excursions and all drinks and dining included in the price of your cruise, there really is no better way to experience the rivers of Europe and immerse yourself in the history and culture that lines its banks.

The Best Way To Experience Europe

You don’t need a multitude of statistics to know that Europe is one of the—if not the most visited continent on the planet. The stats, and the popularity of European river cruises, only further supports that belief. According to the European Travel Commission (ETC), international tourism rates in Europe increased by 5 percent in 2015, peaking at 609 million arrivals. That marks the sixth consecutive year that the region has experienced growth in international tourism. In fact, the ETC anticipates another 3.5- to 4.5-percent increase in those numbers for 2016, and river cruises in Europe with Scenic are no exception, as demand for all-inclusive luxury experiences continues to increase every year.

While plenty of travelers will fly to—and stay exclusively at specific metropolitan areas in Europe, and despite the fact that many others will hop from city to city and from country to country via Europe’s vast network of railways, more and more experienced international travelers are recognizing that European river cruises provide a unique and authentic way to be immersed in local culture. After all, the rivers that snake through Europe are the same waterways that were instrumental in shaping and cultivating western civilization.

Rhine, Main And Danube River Cruises

On the waterways that flow through the eastern and central portions of Europe, travelers can sail down the Danube River and trace the lives of the world’s most revered classical composers in Vienna. They can explore the Black Forest and the canals of Amsterdam while cruising down the Rhine. They can also marvel at the modern-day engineering accomplishments of the Main River as they float through its series of locks. In fact, travelers who simply cannot choose between the Rhine and the Danube River's can experience both on a combination of two Scenic river cruises thanks to the Main River’s canals, which connect these two major rivers.

French River Cruises

In France, travelers can float down the Seine River, passing under Paris’s many bridges, stopping in the pastoral villages that inspired the world’s most famous Impressionist painters, and exploring the Normandy coast. They can indulge on a châteaux-centric tour through Bordeaux on the Garonne and Dordogne Rivers. Or they can feast their way through Lyon and sip their way through the Rhône River’s  various wine regions.

Portugal River Cruises

In Portugal, travelers can sail down the Douro River, basking in the country’s sunshine; learning about the region’s most famous delicacy, Port wine; and exploring the ancient Spanish city of Salamanca, which was constructed entirely of golden sandstone and features a university that welcomed Christopher Columbus and now preserves hundreds of Renaissance manuscripts.

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