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French River Cruises

For centuries, France has been the destination of choice for global travelers. It lured some of the forefathers of America’s independence, such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, during the second half of the 18th century, and it has—for just as long—attracted artists of all genres who take up temporary residence there looking for inspiration.
Today, France is the world’s leading tourist destination, with more than 84 million visitors each year. What’s more, those international travelers are coming to France for a wide variety of experiences in four distinct regions, and a French river cruise with Scenic offers the perfect pathway to each. Reveal the romance and history of some of Europe’s most beautiful destinations along the Seine River, Rhône River and the trio of waterways that converge in Bordeaux. All showcase artistic inspirations, unforgettable beauty and the finest culinary delights.

The Seine River and Paris

It should come as no surprise that France’s capital city—and the romanticized Seine River that flows through it—attracts millions of travelers each year. After all, it has done so for centuries. In a letter to Count d’Orsay in 1844, British author and playwright Charles Dickens divulged his affinity for the French capital. “I cannot tell you what an immense impression Paris made upon me,” he wrote. “It is the most extraordinary place in the world!”

Eight decades later, American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald took the first of a series of trips to Paris (and the French Riviera) and later opined that “The best of America drifts to Paris. The American in Paris is the best American. France has the only two things toward which we drift as we grow older—intelligence and good manners.”

A visit to Paris and a Seine river cruise is defined by history and romanticism; it is filled with epicurean indulgences; and it offers in-depth connections to some of the most revered artists of the Impressionist era.

Cruising Through Bordeaux

As much as travelers gravitate toward Paris when they think of France, there is also an immediate association to wine. More than 24 million people visit France’s wine regions each year, including Bordeaux, which is home to almost 300,000 acres of vineyards and 15 distinct varietals. Wine enthusiasts who love rich, indulgent reds structured around Cabernet Sauvignon flock to Bordeaux, specifically its First Growths, which include Lafite, Latour, and Margaux.

Bordeaux is also rich in sites of historical and archaeological significance, including castles that date to the rule of King Charlemagne. For those who enjoy pairing chateau visits with castle tours, a Bordeaux river cruise is the ultimate luxury vacation. 

The Rhône River Valley

Diversity is what drives tourism in southeastern France.  Like Bordeaux, the Rhône River Valley is densely populated with vineyards and châteaux, which specialize in Côtes du Rhône, Pouilly-Fuisse, Beaujolais and Châteauneuf-du-Pape. It also embraces craft beers, which is evident in the many restaurants and gastropubs throughout Lyon.

Speaking of Lyon, the city is considered by many to be the culinary capital of France; yet it is also full of important history—from the invention of the film camera (and the subsequent motion picture art form that followed) to ornate religious cathedrals, like the Basilica of Notre-Dame. 

The Rhône is the only major river in Europe to connect to the Mediterranean Sea, which means that those who embark on a Rhone River cruise will end their journey in the French Riviera—a stretch of turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and luxury resorts and hotels that cater to the world’s rich and famous.

Experience Wonder

A French river cruise is the perfect opportunity to visit the châteaux of the Loire, taste the wines of Bordeaux, see the City of Lights, smell the lavender scented air of Provence, and feel the sand of the Riviera between your toes. 

Combine the majestic shores of the Rhône river, the cultural waterways of the Seine river and the wine regions of Bordeaux to create the ultimate France river cruise experience. Scenic’s French itineraries have been designed to seamlessly connect across these diverse regions.

In France, beauty is everywhere, and its reverence for art, history and gastronomy make every day a unique experience.

Seine River Cruises

Scenic’s Seine River river cruises hit all the cultural must-sees of France. The Seine winds through the romantic Isle-de-France region into Les Andelys, an area well known for King Richard the Lionheart’s Chateau Gaillard. Scenic guests have direct access to the sensational castle that was once built by King Richard I to defend the English against a French invasion. Visit the castle and take in the astonishing scenery that overlooks Les Andelys below.

Bordeaux River Cruises

The spectacular countryside of the Médoc in Bordeaux boasts aristocratic châteaux, none more opulent than the Château Giscours. Nestled amongst its beautiful land is 1/3 square miles of vines, part of the famous Margaux appellation. Enter the Giscours estate for an unforgettable dining experience featuring the Château’s signature wines. Here you will be enthralled by a magnificent classical music performance inside this neo-classical palace.

Rhone River Cruises

The Palais-des-Papes is perched on a huge rocky outcrop at the northern edge of Avignon. It is the biggest gothic palace in all of Europe and overlooks the Rhône River Valley. A one-time fortress and palace, it stands as a symbol of the Catholic Church’s influence in the 14th century with six papal conclaves held in the Palais. Witness the enormity of the Palais and the beautiful frescoes painted by Italian artist, Matteo Giovannetti, at our private evening of fine dining and live classical music.

Seine River Cruises

Fly Free Economy Class

Gems of the Seine

11 days
Paris > Paris
Cruise along the Seine on an 11 day journey from Paris to Honfleur. Tour the historic Normandy beaches and visit Giverny where you can see Monet's gardens.
from $6,230
Standard Suites Fly Free

Enchanting Rhône with Paris

11 days
Nice > Paris
Board a luxurious Scenic Space-Ship and cruise the Rhône to Chalon-sur-Saône. Travel from the beautiful Île-de-France region to Paris & explore the city.
from $6,260
Standard Suites Fly Free

Enchanting Rhône with Barcelona & Paris

14 days
Barcelona > Paris
From the city of dreams to the city of light, enjoy a 14 day journey from Barcelona to Paris. See the sights of the Sagrada Familia to the Champs Elysées.
from $7,700
Save Up To $2,000*

Jewels of Europe with Paris

18 days
Paris > Budapest
Lights sparkling on the river, enchanting towns, romantic culture - find it all on this all-encompassing 18 day European experience from Paris to Budapest.
from $8,665

Jewels of Europe with Paris

18 days
Budapest > Paris
Have an amazing experience on this 18 day cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. Afterwards visit for 3 days one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris.
from $8,665
Standard Suites Fly Free

Spectacular South of France with Paris

16 days
Paris > Nice
Experience the delights of France on a luxurious 16 day journey from Paris to Nice. Discover the magic of Paris, culture and cuisine that makes it famous.
from $9,185
Save Up To $2,000*

Jewels of Europe with Paris & Prague

21 days
Paris > Prague
Feast your eyes upon the sensory delights of Amsterdam, Cologne, Rhine Gorge and more on this 21 day journey from beautiful Paris to stunning Prague.
from $9,355
Standard Suites Fly Free

Spectacular South of France with Paris & Monte Carlo

19 days
Paris > Nice
Cruise the spectacular rivers of the South of France in 5-star luxury and soak up the sun in Monte Carlo on a lavish 19 day journey from Paris to Nice.
from $10,360
Standard Suites Fly Free

Spectacular South of France with Paris & Barcelona

19 days
Paris > Barcelona
Discover Paris and cruise the South of France from Chalon-sur-Saône to Tarascon before falling in love with beautiful Barcelona on this 19 day adventure.
from $10,625

Gems of the Seine & Beautiful Bordeaux

21 days
Paris > Bordeaux
Discover the best of France, including a 10 day cruise along the Seine that starts in Paris, combined with a 10 day cruise through the Bordeaux region.
from $11,035

Gems of the Seine & Unforgettable Douro with Madrid

24 days
Paris > Madrid
Over 24 days journey on the Seine River in France, before stepping on the Scenic Azure for a cruise along Portugal's Douro River, finishing in Madrid.
from $13,125

Gems of the Seine & Beautiful Bordeaux with Madrid

24 days
Paris > Madrid
A leisurely pace through a number of beautiful destinations is the ultimate luxury. Experience France and Spain's best in 24 days from Paris to Madrid.
from $12,575
Fly Free Economy Class

Gems of the Seine & South of France

23 days
Paris > Nice
Discover the best that France has to offer on a 23 day journey from Paris to Nice. Cruise the Seine and Rhone rivers past the vineyards, castles & villages.
from $13,855

Gems of the Seine & Unforgettable Douro

21 days
Paris > Porto
Discover two of the most magical rivers in Europe, with a 10 day luxury cruise along the romantic Seine and a 10 day cruise along the beautiful Douro.
from $11,700

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