St. Petersburg River Cruises

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With a rich cultural history and an extraordinary military past, contemporary Russia is the confluence of centuries of influence. To travel along the Volga River and some of its tributaries between the two great cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow is a step back in time. However, a Russian river cruise offers up many additional surprises to discover, with culinary delights, welcoming locals and spectacular scenery to enjoy. We welcome you aboard Scenic Tsar, and into the beating heart of this captivating country.

Between Russia’s two major cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow lie many smaller cities, towns and villages. These offer a rare insight into Russia’s varied history and we are fortunate to have the chance to experience them, as they provide a window into Russia’s history. As we travel between these two great destinations, we invite you to marvel at the extraordinary architectural styles, as well as ornate churches filled with religious icons. With recorded history going back almost 1,000 years, we offer you guided tours of the ancient cities of Yaroslavl and Uglich. We also stop at Kizhi Island, where a unique rural community remains. It’s a fascinating journey of discovery of small Russian communities in a beautiful setting.


With what seems like a palace or cathedral around every corner, you could spend a year in St. Petersburg and still not see all that this marvelous city has to offer. A river cruise through St. Petersburg offers the opportunity to explore St. Isaac’s Cathedral – the world’s largest Russian Orthodox cathedral. Or you could stroll the decadent foyers of the Yusupov Palace, where Grigori Rasputin was murdered in 1916.

The State Hermitage, a museum of art and culture in the heart of the city, is one of the world’s oldest and largest, with a collection of almost three million items. With its bold Rococo architectural style, Catherine’s Palace is an impressive place to visit as well. There is also the spectacular series of palaces – Peterhof Palace – laid out on the orders of Peterthe Great. Stroll the stunning gardens and buildings that are frequently referred to as the ‘Russian Versailles’.

Travelling the waterways of St. Petersburg on a river cruise also offer wonderful sights, as water frontage was a priority when the great Imperial palaces were built. There are over 400 bridges in this beguiling city and you’ll gain a greater appreciation of Russian architectural styles as we cruise on a small boat between traditional and contemporary buildings, with the distinctive colorful onion cupolas easily spotted atop many Russian churches.


A city that unashamedly celebrates the old world, we invite you to enjoy a traditional Russian lunch at the classic Podvorie restaurant during your visit to St. Petersburg. Straight out of a fairy tale, the restaurant is set in charming gardens and both the interior and exterior are made entirely from timber. Ornate sconces clad the walls, throwing mysterious light on the traditional costumes hung there. Sample authentic Russian fare while local musicians entertain you.

A visit to Russia would not be complete without enjoying a ballet performance, a quintessential Russian experience. Our Journey Designers have created a unique experience for Scenic guests. The doors of the Palace of Prince Vladimir will open exclusively for an evening of stunning ballet. Amid ornate interiors with sweeping marble staircases edged in gold, you can re-imagine Tolstoy’s Russia.