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Rhine River Cruises

Like so many of the rivers in central Europe, the Rhine begins its life as a stream high in the Swiss Alps. Once it reaches the city of Basel, the river widens and continues its course toward the North Sea. Since Roman times, the Rhine River has linked northern and central Europe; and as the Roman Empire grew larger and stronger, the river grew more important as a trade route. During the Romantic period, which lasted from the late 18th century to the mid- to late 19th century, the Rhine River valley became a popular subject of literary prose for the way it portrayed the natural world as untouched and wild. In fact, it was during this time that the Rhine River valley first became a popular tourism destination, and soon well-off entrepreneurs were rebuilding the castles that sat perched above the riverbanks. Today, a Scenic Rhine River cruise offers guests the perfect opportunity to explore this sought after region in luxury.

Cruising Through France Along the Rhine River

Along the stretches of the river that flow through France, Scenic Rhine river cruise passengers can stroll past half-timbered houses in the old town of Strasbourg, the largest city in the Alsatian. In the Petite France quarter of the city, the streets are level with the waterways that flow through it and the picturesque neighborhoods appear to have sprung from the pages of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. In fact, guests may choose to take a tour of the nearby Black Forest, which was the setting of Hansel and Gretel, as well as other early 19th-century tales. Alternatively, guests can pull up a seat in one of the city’s many “winstubs,” which are Alsatian restaurants that serve traditional fare and, as their name implies, pour various wines from the region.

Those who prefer to sample their wines alongside the vines that produce them can journey to Mittelbergheim, a sleepy little village about 20 miles southwest of Strasbourg, which is home to less than 1,000 people but produces some of the region’s best wine. Wine enthusiasts will want to stop at Zotzenberg, the only Grand Cru vineyard in Alsace, which specializes in Sylvaner, a full-bodied white varietal that delivers hints of earthiness and smoke.

While in Breisach, Scenic Rhine river cruise guests can visit the Black Forest Open Air Museum or opt for a hike through the forest itself. Or they can take a guided bike tour to Colmar, a French town that was previously a part of Germany on two separate occasions. The town is famous for its historic section, which—unlike many other cities in the region—escaped significant damage during the French Revolution, the Franco-Prussian War, and both World Wars.

The Jewels of Germany along the Rhine River

Much of the 764-mile-long Rhine River flows through Germany; and while the most famous German section of the river (between Mainz and Düsseldorf) is known for inspiring the Romantic movement, the Upper Rhine, which flows through southern Germany, can provide diverse cultural experiences from those of the river’s middle and lower sections farther to the north. 

In the university town of Heidelberg, for example, a Scenic Rhine river cruise guest can indulge his or her sweet tooth on a confectionary tour of the city. Or, if they prefer something that delivers a bit more adrenaline, they can head over to the Hockenheim Formula 1 racetrack, a 2.8-mile-long circuit that hosted the German Grand Prix for almost three decades. Scenic Cruise passengers are also treated to a private concert inside the Palace of Rastatt, a sprawling Baroque estate that was constructed during the early 18th century.

But a Scenic Rhine River cruise would not be complete without stops along the “Romantic Rhine.” As the ship sails from Rüdesheim to Duisburg, guests can view numerous German castles both from the comfort of the ship and up close on guided tours. These castles include Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, a Prussian stronghold; Marksburg Castle, which is the only hilltop castle along the Rhine River that was never destroyed and has changed little since medieval times; and Ehrenfels Castle, a fortress that was built in the early 13th century and now is in ruins following it’s destruction during the Seige of Mainz in 1689.

Scenic Space-Ships Along The Rhine River

Every Scenic European river cruise begins aboard one of our boutique vessels or custom-built Space-Ships, so named for their spacious guest cabins, dining, and entertaining areas. Each of these four-deck Scenic Space-Ships includes numerous dining and sightseeing areas, as well as a lounge and bar area that offers panoramic views. Additionally, guests can soak up the rays at the top-deck swimming pool or retreat to the wellness center, which is equipped with a fitness area, beauty salon, and massage rooms. These ships are noteworthy for their luxury suites, which are outfitted with sun lounges, 32-inch high-definition TVs, and complimentary wireless internet access.

Scenic Rhine River cruises take place aboard any one of eight ships, each one 443 feet in length and staffed with 53 crew members. These include Scenic Jasper, Scenic Opal, and Scenic Amber, which were built in 2015 and 2016, and can accommodate 169 passengers in 85 cabins. Other ships include Scenic Crystal, Scenic Jewel, and Scenic Jade, which were built in 2012, 2103, and 2014, and can also accommodate 169 passengers in 85 cabins. Finally, Scenic Ruby and Scenic Pearl also sail along the Danube. These two ships were refit in 2013 and accommodate 167 passengers in 84 cabins.

Rhine River Cruises

Fly From $995 Premium Economy

Rhine Highlights

8 days
Amsterdam > Basel
See the highlights of the Rhine on an 8 day river cruise from Amsterdam to Basel. Enjoy guided city tours & an exclusive private tour of a Baroque palace.
from $3,195 $2,995
Save Up To $400*

Treasures of the Rhine Christmas Markets

8 days
Nuremberg > Amsterdam
Experience a traditional European Christmas with guided city tours on an 8 day river cruise along the Rhine on board a luxurious Scenic Space-Ship.
from $3,245 $3,045
Save Up To $400*

Rhine Highlights with Switzerland

12 days
Amsterdam > Zurich
Cruise to the heart of Europe on a 12 day journey from Amsterdam to Zurich. Discover the beauty of Switzerland, visit Lake Geneva, Montreux and the Alps.
from $5,400 $5,200
Fly Free Economy Class

Jewels of Europe

15 days
Budapest > Amsterdam
Embark on a luxurious journey from Amsterdam to Budapest. Cruise the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers on board an all-inclusive 5-star Scenic Space-Ship.
from $5,905
Save Up To $800*

Christmas Markets

15 days
Budapest > Amsterdam
Experience Europe at Christmastime on a 15 day river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. See the charming villages and visit the Christmas markets.
from $6,345 $5,945
Fly Free Economy Class

Romantic Rhine & Moselle

15 days
Basel > Amsterdam
Embark on a journey to discover the romance of the Rhine and Moselle rivers. Cruise from Amsterdam to Basel before finishing the tour in Zurich.
from $6,745
Save Up To $800*

Christmas Wonderland

16 days
Amsterdam > Budapest
Breathe in the magic of Christmas on a 16 day river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest. Enjoy the Christmas markets, delicacies and decorations of Europe.
from $7,390 $6,990
Fly Free Economy Class

Jewels of Europe with Prague

18 days
Amsterdam > Prague
Be enchanted on an 18 day journey from Amsterdam to Prague. See the canals, take part in a medieval feast and explore the famous Romantic Road in Wurzburg.
from $7,540
Fly Free Economy Class

Jewels of Europe with Paris

18 days
Paris > Budapest
Begin your adventure in Paris before boarding a Scenic Space-Ship in Amsterdam. Cruise the Rhine, Main & Danube rivers and discover the Jewels of Europe.
from $8,480
Fly Free Economy Class

Romantic Rhine & Moselle with Switzerland

19 days
Amsterdam > Zurich
Experience the magic of Europe’s most romantic region on a 19 day journey from Amsterdam to Zurich. Cruise the Rhine and Moselle, create your own fairytale.
from $8,730

Jewels of Europe with Paris

18 days
Budapest > Paris
Have an amazing experience on this 18 day cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. Afterwards visit for 3 days one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris.
from $8,665
Fly Free Economy Class

Jewels of Europe with Paris & Prague

21 days
Paris > Prague
Explore the wondrous cities of Amsterdam, Cologne, Vienna and more on a 21 day journey from Paris to Prague. See the Rhone Gorge, Marksburg Castle and more.
from $9,310
Save Up To $2,000*

North Sea to the Black Sea

23 days
Bucharest > Amsterdam
Embark on this 23 day cruise from Bucharest to Amsterdam, discovering magical and historical cities and villages situated along the banks of the Rhine.
from $11,235

Jewels of Europe with Eastern Europe Explorer

24 days
Prague > Amsterdam
Enlightenment and luxury combine on this all-encompassing cruise experience through Europe's finest. From Prague to Amsterdam, discover the old and the new.
from $11,765

Christmas Markets with Prague

18 days
Prague > Amsterdam
Traditional beauty and contemporary delight come together on this 18 day holiday experience. From Prague to Amsterdam, be swept away by the magic of it all.
from $12,150
Save Up To $2,000*

Jewels of Europe with Grand Alpine

26 days
Zurich > Amsterdam
The ultimate river cruising experience and more. Delight in the beauty of a 26 day journey from Zurich to Amsterdam. Majestic views and rich culture await.
from $12,635

Romantic Rhine & Moselle with Alpine Escapade

26 days
Munich > Amsterdam
Be swept away on this wonder-filled 26 day experience across the Swiss Alps and Rhineland. Marvel at the endless beauty from Munich to Amsterdam.
from $12,860

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