Discover Europe in luxury with Scenic

Join us on our European river cruises for a truly all-inclusive journey along some of the world's most fascinating waterways.
Fall in love on a romantic river cruise past castles that resemble the pages fairytales and picture-postcard villages on a discovery of the alluring Rhine, Main, Danube and Moselle rivers.

Each dawn presents an opportunity to learn new stories and wonders to explore. From breathtaking vistas to lush valleys lined with vineyards, timeless villages and architectural treasures; it’s more than just Europe, it’s Europe the Scenic way.
  • Cuisine
    Visit Veldzicht Hoeve, a sustainable, family-run cheese producer in Hoorn. Sample Schnapps in Miltenberg. Tour Hungary's top wine region during an excursion to Villány. Taste local Altbier in Düsseldorf. Europe's gourmet wonders are countless.
  • Culture
    Admire the opulence and grandeur of Palais Liechtenstein and enjoy a private concert. See the Baroque architecture of Würzburg. Meet the current owners of Artstetten Castle and hear family tales of the historic castle's prominent former residents.
  • History
    Explore historic WWII locations in Nuremberg. Discover the Jewish heritage of Budapest. Wander among the castle ruins of Heidelberg. There is a wealth of significant sites to discover along Europe’s waterways to satisfy the most curious of guests.
  • Sightseeing
    See picturesque towns and splendorous castles as you travel down the Romantic Road to Rothenburg. Explore the setting of 'The Sound of Music' in Salzburg, Austria. Enjoy the quaint canals of Amsterdam. A picturesque opportunity awaits around every corner in Europe.