There are a vast range of activities and sightseeing experiences for you to choose from, so you only see what you want to see, and do what you want to do, at a tempo that suits you. From history to culture, food to nature, there’s something for everyone. And of course, it’s all included.

All our guests are unique so we appreciate that different people may want different levels of pace during your trip. Perhaps plan to follow a busy day with one at a more relaxed tempo or know you can truly unwind throughout. We’ve divided our extensive list of Freechoice excursions into Active, Moderate and Relaxed pace so you can choose those which best suit your requirements and interests. 

Active — Perfect for those hoping to explore further afield, either via a bicycle ride or brisk hike.

Moderate — Excursions offered at a comfortable walking pace, perfect for discovering a beautiful city center.

Relaxed — A slower pace for exploring museums, galleries or taking in a canal cruise