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We appreciate that you have invested a lot of time into planning your journey and we want to reassure you that with Scenic, you can book and travel with confidence. 

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How we go above and beyond to provide the protection and assurance you need for your journey. 
At Scenic, the guest experience will always remain at the heart of everything we do. In addition to our long-standing exceptional level of service on board, our commitment to our guests wellbeing will allow you to travel with complete confidence. 

Travel with Confidence

While the world may have changed, our commitment to our guests, the guest experience and their health, safety and wellbeing remains our key priority.  

Scenic Group works closely with the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), local, State and Federal governments to ensure our protocols meet and exceed the latest regulatory requirements. In addition we are implementing the newest insights that help us to safeguard the health and safety of our guests and staff, while ensuring a truly wonderful guest experience.

We continuously update our protocols to safeguard both the health and the experience of our guests.

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Flexible Booking Policy

With our Flexible Booking Policy‡, for new 2022 Europe River Cruise (or 2022/2023 ocean cruise) bookings, you can defer your travel plans by transferring to an alternate departure date or itinerary or cancel up to 60 days prior to your cruise commencing with no Scenic fees (third party fees may apply). For cancellations, the value of the booking will be applied as a Future Travel Credit (FTC) which is valid for 24 months. This flexible booking and cancellation policy excludes Russia, South America, Australia and New Zealand land touring.

Want the Ultimate in travel protection?

Platinum Protection Plan - Ensure your journey is worry-free

Take advantage of our Platinum Protection Plan on your 2022 river cruising or Scenic Eclipse 2022/23 voyages.

By adding this plan, you are covered if you unable to travel due to health reasons, or your travel plans are impacted by COVID-19, up to 31 days prior to departure with a 100% refund (less airline cancellation fees and PPP cost), or a 70% refund between 15 and 30 days prior to departure (less PPP cost).

Our Latest Covid-19 Update

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Latest Covid-19 Update

Europe River Cruising Covid-19 FAQs


Q. Do I need to be fully vaccinated to travel?

Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours currently recognizes the following vaccines for embarkation on board Scenic Eclipse. We will also accept a combination of two different vaccines from this list:

• 2 doses BioNTech & Pfizer
• 2 doses Moderna
• 2 doses AstraZeneca
• 1 doses Johnson & Johnson
• 2 doses Sputnik V
• 2 doses Sinopharm / Sinovac

While Scenic Eclipse can accept these vaccines, the guest and booking agents are responsible for ensuring that countries transited to and from the port of embarkation / disembarkation also accept these vaccines.

Scenic also recognizes that the landscape around vaccination is changing quickly.

The requirement for booster vaccinations is being carefully monitored, however at the time of issue of this document, Scenic does not require booster vaccinations for guests or crew.

Should a guest be in receipt of a vaccination not listed above, but which is approved by their National Health Authority, Scenic will consider acceptance on a case-by-case basis.

Q. Are there additional travel requirements for my journey?
A. Guests are required to comply with any government requirements to enter countries on their itinerary at the time of travel. It will remain the responsibility of the guests to ensure they meet all necessary requirements including any necessary proof of vaccination and/or negative COVID-19 test results should this apply at the time. For further information please visit: 
Q. Do I need to provide a negative PCR Covid-19 test prior to embarking my cruise?
A. We require guests to provide the relevant proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 test (taken within 72 hours of their voyage departure), when boarding the ship.
Q. Do I need to complete a pre cruise health questionnaire?
A. Yes. To ensure we can determine that all guests are safe and well before their journey with us begins, we will require you to complete a pre-departure medical health evaluation form. This form will be sent out xx days prior to the departure of your journey and you will need to ensure it is returned/completed on embarkation. 
Q. Do I need to pack my own mask and hand sanitizer?
A. We recommend guests should travel with a supply of their own face masks and hand sanitizer, to be available in their hand luggage for connecting travel arrangements, which may include flights, hotels, and transfer arrangements.


Q. What is the requirements for crew on board?
A. Every Crew Member will be fully vaccinated prior to joining Scenic Eclipse and they must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test, following 7 days of self-isolation in their home country prior to travel to the ship. On arrival to the ship, all Crew Members are further isolated for a period of 5 Days, following a Rapid Antigen Test. All Crew Members will receive extensive instruction and training in COVID-Security, prior to travel and also prior to starting work onboard. Crew Members are empowered to ensure all team members work safely within the strict protocols and a COVID secure way.  
Q. Will there be enhanced cleaning?
A. Our on-board crew will be enhancing our already intensive, frequent and high standard cleaning protocols in public areas and suites, ensuring all surfaces and spaces are kept clean. Additional care and attention will be paid to high contact zones, such as communal restrooms and dining facilities. Any touchscreens such as iPads will be thoroughly disinfected after each use and hand sanitization stations will be placed throughout the ship.
Q. What social distancing measures are in place?
A. All guests are required to maintain a physical distance of 6 feet (2-meters). In addition, we have adjusted the various touch points of your journey, allowing you to check in and check out completely contact-free. Through a phased embarkation you will be able to arrive and depart from the ship smoothly and with safe social proximity in mind. 
Q. Do I need to wear a mask?
A. Face masks should be carried by guests at all time. However, are only required to be worn when moving through the ship, where social distancing is not possible. Face masks will be available in guest’s suites and from the Reception desk on board.
Q. Will there be a health and safety briefing?
A. We will host mandatory briefings and screenings. These events are designed to ensure every member of our guests and crew are healthy and offer an opportunity to allay any concerns or ask any questions you may have about our safety protocols.
Q. Are there any changes to dining?
A. All dining options on board your cruise are currently being delivered as advertised. If local requirements change and health advisory is altered, self-serve buffets will suspend accordingly. 
Q. Will there be any impact to excursions on my journey?
A. While we are planning to operate our schedule of on-shore excursions, they will be conducted according to local Covid-19 requirements and so the following may apply: 

-Opening times of venues may be changed 
-Group sizes may be changed or adjusted on a daily basis 
-There may be other amendments to excursions, due to possible closures, or routing changes etc. 
Q. What happens if travel restrictions change while on my cruise?
A. In the event that travel restrictions or quarantine requirements change during your cruise, the on board staff will liaise with you directly in relation to amending any travel arrangements.
Q. What happens if a positive case is detected on board?

In Port. In the event a guest or crew member returns a positive COVID-19 test result during our medical screening process prior to embarkation, the guest and/or crew member will be denied approval to board the ship. Scenic will work with our Medical Service provider and local authorities for their repatriation (at their own expense).

Onboard. In the event a guest or crew member returns a positive COVID-19 test result while on board, they will be required to immediately isolate in their suite. Contact tracing will be conducted and any persons identified as part of the contact tracing, will be required to undergo an onboard PCR test to rule out any potential ‘community transmission’ of the COVID-19 virus. All persons who test ‘Positive’ will be transferred ashore at first opportunity and follow local government health advisories recommendations. Scenic will work with our Medical Service provider and local authorities for the repatriation of the guest or crew member (at their own expense).

Q. I need to be able to provide a negative PCR test to return home, how will this be managed?
A. For returning travelers required to present a negative COVID-19 test within three calendar days of departure for their home port, we will have a team administer the PCR testing onboard prior to your disembarkation.  This has been arranged at no additional cost to our guests.
Q. I have post cruise arrangements, how will I receive a PCR test result to align with my government requirements?
A. Unfortunately, it will not be possible for us to manage PCR testing for our guests with differing post cruise arrangements, prior to their homeward flight.  Complimentary PCR testing for guests will be administered by Scenic Group on the ship prior to debarkation. Guests who are doing their own arrangements or extending their stay will need to source their own PCR test to align with their return home.  

Scenic Eclipse Antarctica Covid-19 FAQs

Q. What happens when I arrive in Buenos Aires for the included pre-night stay?

When you arrive into Buenos Aires and are cleared through the customs controls at the airport, guests will then be transferred only with other Scenic guests, to and from the group hotel, for your overnight stay. On arrival to the hotel, your temperature will be checked and luggage will be disinfected. Masks are mandatory in all common areas except when eating.

For health and safety reasons, it is highly recommended that all guests remain within the hotel for the duration of their stay in Buenos Aires to limit your potential exposure to other persons or places which may transmit the COVID-19 virus. 

The day that your voyage begins, you will be flown from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia to meet the crew of Scenic Eclipse. 

Q. I want to spend more than one night in Buenos Aires. Am I able to extend my stay?
A. If guests would like to extend their stay in Buenos Aires for more than the included night, they will be required to receive an additional negative RT-PCR test before your flight to Ushuaia (at your own expense, for approximately $55USD). Please ensure that the time to receive the result is factored into your stay.
Q. What happens if there is a positive COVID-19 case onboard?
A. In Port
In the event a guest or crew member returns a positive COVID-19 test result during our medical screening process prior to embarkation, the guest/crew member will be denied boarding. Scenic will work with our Medical Service provider and local authorities for their repatriation. 

On Board
In the event a guest or crew member returns a positive COVID-19 test result while on board, they will immediately isolate in their suite. Contact tracing will be conducted. Those persons identified as part of the contact tracing will be required to undergo onboard PCR testing to rule out ‘community transmission’ of the COVID-19 Virus. Positive cases will be transferred ashore at first opportunity and follow local government health advisories recommendations. Scenic will work with our Medical Service provider and local authorities for the repatriation of the guest or crew member.
Q. Are there dedicated isolation suites?
A. If a guest or crew member returns a positive COVID-19 test result while on board, they will isolate in their suite. There are no dedicated isolation suites. All suites have access to fresh air with the use state-of-the-art Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems providing 100% fresh air through a three-stage air purification process to all suites and public areas. Guests will also have access to fresh air via their balcony. Suites used for isolation will be equipped with digital thermometers, FFP2 un-valved masks and waste containers with appropriate ‘Bio-Hazard’ bags.
Q. How many doctors will be on-board the ship? Is there a medical facility?
A. There will be one doctor and two nurses on board, all who have been trained and have experience with COVID-19 protocols and response. One of the nurses will be a dedicated COVID-19 compliance nurse, to ensure our guests safety. The medical facility is located on deck 3. The equipment on board has been reviewed and augmented to facilitate a response to Acute Respiratory Distress and other symptoms associated with COVID-19.
Q. What happens if South America closes its borders?
A. In the unlikely event that South America closes their borders while we are in Antarctica, Scenic has contingency plans in place to ensure the repatriation of all guests in the most efficient manner. With global teams and people on the ground in Argentina, we have the experience to ensure the safe return of all guests.
Q. Currently Argentina is closed for non-essential travel. What happens if Scenic cancels or suspends the cruise?
A. Based on the current available information, Argentina is expected to open their borders to international travelers on the 1 October 2021. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and adhere to the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization, CLIA, and other relevant Government travel advisory updates. If our guest’s safety is deemed to be compromised in any way, we will contact you to advise the status as a priority, and offer alternatives such as transferring to a future departure. If there is any update on your Reservation, we will also be in contact with you.
Small Ship Experience River Cruise

The Small Ship Experience: The benefits of small ship river cruising & ocean discovery voyages

When you board a Scenic ship you can expect plenty of space to relax, explore, indulge and to dream, as the beautiful landscapes that you will pass by.

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Enrich Your World with Scenic - Enjoy incredible savings across our river cruise, ocean voyage and land touring 22/23 collection. Save an additional 10% on Europe and South East Asia river cruises, and save up to 20% on selected 2022 voyages on board Scenic Eclipse, the World’s First Discovery Yacht. 

Terms & Conditions:
The Platinum Protection Plan (“PPP”) is available for new river and ocean cruising bookings for travel after January 1, 2022 for Scenic and Emerald Cruises (“Eligible Booking”). The PPP must be purchased together with the Eligible Booking at time such booking is made and may not be added at a later date. The PPP is not available on Russian cruises, Russian cruise tours, Amazon and Galapagos cruises or land tours and the PPP is also not available to new bookings using a Future Travel Credit. If you have purchased the PPP with an Eligible Booking, and your Eligible Booking is cancelled due to a one or more Prescribed Reasons, any time on or before 31 days prior to your prior to the date your journey commences with Us, including flight arrangements, we will refund all money paid on your Eligible Booking, less the PPP Fee, airline cancellation fees, if any and travel agent administration fees; or if cancellation occurs at any time on or after 30 days but no later than 15 days prior to your prior to the date your journey commences with Us, including flight arrangements due to one or more Prescribed Reasons, we will refund 70% of the money paid on your Eligible Booking, after deducting the PPP Fee and travel agent administration fees. If you have booked a cruise with an applicable Fly Deal or other Earlybird Offer, any airline cancellation fees will be deducted from the refund amount if flights have been ticketed. The PPP is not an insurance policy and does not, nor is it intended to, replace any travel insurance or cancellation and interruption insurance. 

Flexible Booking Policy

To ensure guests can book with confidence, for all new 2022/2023 bookings Scenic Group are including a flexible booking policy which allows guests to defer travel and transfer to an alternate departure or itinerary up to 60 days prior to travel, with no Scenic Group fee’s (3rd party fees may apply). Please note, final payment due date will remain as per booking conditions; however, this flexible policy allows changes to be made up to 60 days prior to travel.