At Scenic, we always keep our sense of wonder. Even in the most uncertain of times, it’s at the heart of what we do. It’s about dreaming of those moments to come and reminiscing of those moments already cherished. It’s being inspired by the world from afar and when the time is right, being ready to embrace the world and all its beauty like never before. In this moment, it’s important to also recognise the here and now and acknowledge the unprecedented times we are all facing. 
But wonder exists outside of the present and is found in places we can’t always reach at this time. Places and experiences we can’t wait to share with you once again. So at this time of uncertainty, remember one thing is for certain – wonders never cease. And some of the best memories are yet to come, so keep dreaming and let us inspire you.

To get things started, join us to look back at some of the awe-inspiring wonder moments captured on our recently-completed first season in Antarctica with Scenic Eclipse. 

A truly wondrous few months in the most beautiful place on Earth.

Featured Videos

Take a look at some of the stunning footage that was caught on the inaugural Scenic Eclipse season in Antarctica.