Bespoke Entertainment and Enrichment on board Scenic Eclipse

Enjoy an immersive experience on board Scenic Eclipse, the 6-star ultra-luxury Discovery Yachts, where you can indulge in the new and bespoke selection of entertainment options as well as expert educational sessions from our on board experts.
An enriching journey that you’ll treasure for a lifetime is comprised of many elements that all seamlessly weave together to bring you an unforgettable experience. The team on board Scenic Eclipse are experts in ensuring that every facet of your 6-star and truly all-inclusive ocean voyage is designed to surpass all your expectations. This includes the entertainment and enrichment programs offered to all guests – both when you’re on board or onshore. 
In 2021, as part of Scenic’s commitment to constant innovation and the ultimate guest experience, the Scenic Eclipse on board entertainment was expanded through an exclusive partnership with B My Guest Productions. This company’s expert musicians and performers will provide a range of enthralling entertainment performances across many genres, delivered in numerous locations throughout the ultra-luxury Discovery Yacht. This new partnership builds on an extensive program of on board lectures and education sessions, and a truly spectacular range of diverse and immersive entertainment experiences onshore.  

Read on to find out how you will be inspired, entertained and have your mind expanded by the in-depth knowledge our team will share with you about the remote and beautiful destinations you’ll be cruising through. 

Expert Education Sessions with the Discovery Team 

The Discovery Team of up to 20 members on board your Scenic Eclipse voyage are a unique group of specialists whose knowledge and skills are at the very core of your discovery experience. A curated team of top experts in their respective fields, the Discovery Team is made up of professionals including historians, geologists, glaciologists, archaeologists, marine biologists, scientists and photographers. 

Throughout your voyage, the Discovery Team will host engaging lectures and presentations in the ship’s state-of-the-art theatre – both before and after they guide you through spectacular excursions, walks and water sports activities. Before venturing out on discovery excursions, you’ll learn about your location, the flora and fauna you’re likely to see, and any specific particulars that will really enhance your understanding of the region and help you make the most of your precious moments discovering these spectacular parts of the world. 

The Discovery Team are also available at any time to answer questions in the Observation Lounge. While chatting here, you may even spot unique wildlife through the ship’s Swarovski telescopes. 

The Captain and navigational crew of Scenic Eclipse proudly operate an ‘Open Bridge’ policy, so at any stage during a cruise, curious and interested guests have access to one of the best viewing areas on the ship. Learn about the advanced technology and systems as you view the control room and the operating crew that steers the sleek Discovery Yacht through the world’s oceans. 

World-class on board Entertainment

B My Guest Productions group are poised to deliver engaging and world-class on board entertainment to our guests.  

“We have created a collection of unique immersive experiences, designed exclusively for Scenic Eclipse,” states Belinda King, owner of B My Guest Productions. 

“Each performance has been developed with bespoke musical arrangements and magnificent projection backdrops for the Scenic Eclipse theatre. Showcasing our team’s abilities and individual skill sets, we will be performing a diverse range of styles, from musical theatre and opera, to more contemporary pop and modern jazz. We’ll also be introducing guest speakers, multi-instrumentalists and dancers.” 
The on board team of B My Guest Productions will oversee all the entertainment offerings – from the pianist on the grand piano in the Discovery Lounge; musical performances in the Scenic Lounge & Bar; performances in the ship’s luxury and hi-tech theatre, as well as on the open decks, using the stunning scenery as a live backdrop. 

The production team work with ultimate flexibility, capable of tailoring the entertainment program according to various voyage lengths and offering different daily programs, based on the yacht’s movements and itinerary in different locations. 

Inspired moments with exclusive Scenic Enrich performances 

During Discovery and Cruise Voyages, guests can also enjoy onshore entertainment during immersive Scenic Enrich experiences in select locations. 

When in Europe, guests can deepen their understanding of the historic cities and cultures through a series of unforgettable, exclusively curated Scenic Enrich experiences. Be mesmerized by a classical concert within the Library of Celsus, an ancient Roman building in Ephesus, Turkey that dates to the 2nd century. In Seville, Spain, witness a traditional equestrian flamenco that showcases the prestigious horsemanship of the Andalucían School Spanish horses; or a flamenco ballet production of Carmen. 

In Monaco on the French Riviera, enjoy a timeless classical music recital by the Harpsody Orchestra, hosted in the world-renowned Oceanographic Museum of Monaco that has been perched on the rock face overlooking the Mediterranean Sea since 1910.  Indulge in a private concert set in a magnificent Baroque Church in Dubrovnik’s historic precinct in the Croatian port city. In the Greek Island of Crete, enjoy a night of culture with exclusive after-hours access to the Maritime Museum of Crete.  Taste the flavors of famous Cretan cuisine and learn the traditional dance with the melody of a Cretan orchestra. 
Savour a glass of wine as you watch the sun set over the indigo-blue church domes and white-washed buildings of Santorini whilst enjoying the auditory pleasure of music created by incredible violinists. On Central American voyages, you can also immerse yourself into fascinating local culture by taking part in a Scenic Enrich experience watching an impressively choreographed display by the Peruvian Paso Horses in Peru.  

These Scenic Enrich experiences, and many more, firmly establish Scenic Eclipse as a world class entertainment and enrichment experience at sea.  You’ll return home with not only your beautiful photographic memories but with the melodies enjoyed with friends, colorful movement of classical dancers and truly unique experiences in authentic locations leaving an imprint on your soul forever. 
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