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09/10/2019, Scenic Eclipse Officially named by Dame Helen Mirren (Word, 115 KB)

08/15/2019, Scenic Eclipse Sets Sail on its Inaugural Voyage (PDF, 171 KB)

08/06/2019, Scenic Eclipse helicopter trials completed (Word, 746 KB)

07/25/2019, Dame Helen Mirren Announced as Godmother of Scenic Eclipse (PDF, 540 KB)

07/17/2019, Scenic Eclipse Completes Final Sea Trials – 30 days until the Maiden Voyage (Word, 1.64 MB)

07/10/2019, Scenic Announces Two New Itineraries on the World’s First Discovery Yacht, Scenic Eclipse (Word, 162 KB)

06/21/2019, Scenic Appoints Mr. Oka Wibawa as Executive Chef for Mekong’s Scenic Spirit (Word, 797 KB)

06/20/2019, Scenic Eclipse Surpasses Expectations During Sea Trials (Word, 738 KB)

05/19/2019, Scenic Unveils 2020 European River Cruise Brochure (Word, 7.2 MB) 

05/18/2019, Scenic’s Redesigned Space-Ship on Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers Offer Guests More (Word, 2.68 MB)

05/17/2019, Scenic Eclipse Continues its Build to Completion and June Sea Trials (Word, 42 KB)

05/16/2019, Scenic Eclipse Appoints Captain Griffiths as Captain (Word, 1.04 MB)

05/15/2019, Scenic Eclipse Heads to Dry Dock in Preparation for August 15 Launch (Word, 996 KB)

05/14/2019, Scenic Reveals First Interior Images of Scenic Eclipse’s Submarine – Scenic Neptune (Word, 740 KB)

04/12/2019, Scenic Unveils 2020/2021 SE Asia Cruise Season With Fares Held at 2019/2020 Levels for Guests Booking by June 30 (Word, 740 KB)

04/11/2019, Scenic Eclipse Progress Report ( Word, 262 KB)

03/10/2019, Scenic Delivers Next Generation Tailormade App For Exclusive Use By Guests On Their Mobile Device (Word, 736 KB)

02/10/2019, Scenic Eclipse Media Statement ( Word, 734 KB)

02/08/2019, Scenic Opens 2020 European River Cruise Season Sales With New Cruises, 2019 Pricing, Free Air and the Passion Play (Word, 739 KB)

02/06/2019, Scenic Emerald Book Three, Cruise for Free (Word, 733 KB)

01/04/2019, Scenic’s Flash Sale Protects Agent Commissions (Word, 735 KB)

01/04/2019, Scenic Group Offers 25,000 Bonus Reward Points for New Bookings Across All of its Brands Word (735 KB)

01/03/2019, Scenic and National Geographic Announce an Expanded 2020 Line Up of River Cruises (Word, 734 KB)

01/01/2019, Scenic Eclipse Sails in on Wave Season With Several Great Offers (Word, 733 KB)