Neptune Submarine

Preview: The Scenic Eclipse's Submarine

Scenic is counting down to the August 15 debut of the Scenic Eclipse, the line’s first Discovery Yacht, with a special preview of the new cruise ship’s onboard submarine: the Scenic Neptune. Designed by Netherlands-based U-Boat Worx, the craft is capable of diving to a depth of 980 feet and seating up to six guests plus the pilot, the submarine will allow guests to explore dive sites ranging from sunken wrecks and tropical reefs to the sea floor in Antarctica.

The submarine will be able to make up to eight dives per day, providing guests with a design that aims to maximize legroom and headroom while minimizing the craft’s overall weight and size. It is constructed with two acrylic spheres at the front and back, each seating three guests and made from a material with the same refraction index as seawater, allowing for a clear and unobstructed viewing experience. Guest seats are also mounted on platforms that swivel 280 degrees for near-panoramic viewing without the need to turn the submarine. The pilot sits in between the two pods.

Scenic Neptune

Other onboard amenities include internal climate control and a surround sound music system, as well as strong exterior lights will illuminate the fine details of the underwater sights.

The submarine’s design also incorporates multiple safety features, including the ability to automatically resurface in the event of a power outage, as well as the ability to be towed at speed or travel under its own power on the surface. It is also designed to maintain full responsiveness and power at all times in order to make docking alongside another vessel easier.

During embarkation and disembarkation, a number of other features will help the submarine maintain stability in order to keep the experience safe and comfortable for guests. Ergonomically designed handles and supports will also help.

The first sailing of Scenic Eclipse will be August 15 - an Iceland & Atlantic Canada sailing from Reykjavik to Quebec, followed by sailings down the eastern seaboard of North America.

Scenic Neptune