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Experience truly all-inclusive luxury across the European continent on an ocean cruise with Scenic Eclipse. 

Northern Europe is yours to explore with Scenic Eclipse, as the World’s First Discovery Yachts take you on a tour of the enigmatic villages, towns and cities of the Nordic nations and the continent’s mainland. Exclusive experiences include High Tea with Lord and Lady Dunleath at their private country estate, Ballywater Park, in Belfast.

Or perhaps a journey across the Seafaring Nations of Spain, Portugal, France and the Netherlands is your perfect idea of an adventure, as these historical destinations rekindle your imagination with tales of rich heritage, old-time navy ports and discovery voyages across the Atlantic to discover the New World.

Whichever type of European ocean cruise is right for you, whether cultural or historical, when enjoyed on board Scenic Eclipse, it will redefine luxury, opulence and elegance.

Discover - Amsterdam


Discover Amsterdam, a beautifully quaint and multicultural Northern European city that’s perfect to bookend any cruise itinerary. From casual bike rides around the ergonomic cityscape, through to taking in the gorgeous, ‘lost-in-time’ architecture and independent shopping boutiques, Amsterdam has something for everyone.

Visit Anne Frank’s house for a poignant insight into history, taste local beer in the Heineken factory and smell the lush, encapsulating scent of a tulips, the definitive symbol of Dutch culture. 

Discover - Lisbon


From the city’s iconic yellow trams, to its vibrant and exciting food and historical architecture, such as the impressive São Jorge Castle, Lisbon is a diverse city with enough character for even the most experienced traveller.

Established well before the Roman Empire, Lisbon, one of the oldest cities in Western Europe, can trace its history back to 1200 BC. And the destination’s rich and cultural history can be felt by simply strolling along the streets. Take the Praça Luís de Camões, for example, which is a quaint square, dedicated to the 16th Century poet of the same name, echoing the romantic literary streak that is interwoven into the city’s history. Or take the Torre de Belem, a beautifully intricate and largely intact 16th Century fort that once stood in the face of battle and attacks from enemies across the Tagus river.

European Cruises