California Privacy Requests

California Privacy Requests

How to Make California Privacy Request. To request access to or deletion of Personal Information upon a verified consumer request, or to exercise any other data rights under California law, please make the request using one of the below methods.  As directed by law, Scenic USA will honor your verifiable request to provide personal information up to two times within a 12 month period.  You can make verified consumer requests as follows:


Attention: CCPA Privacy

Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours

One Financial Center, Suite 400

Boston, MA 02111

EMAIL: You may send an email to to exercise your privacy rights. Please include your full name, email address, and all the Scenic USA itineraries you booked, along with why you are writing, for processing your request in an efficient manner.

Response Timing and Format. The endeavor is to respond to California consumer’s verified request for access or deletion within 45 days of receiving the request. If more time is required, you will be appropriately informed in writing with the reason and extension period. The confirmation of receipt of a request to a verified customer shall be made within 10 days of receiving the same.

Verifying Requests. 
To help protect your privacy and maintain security, we will take steps and may require you to provide certain information to verify your identity before granting you access to your personal information or complying with your request. In addition, if you ask us to provide you with specific pieces of personal information, we will require you to sign a declaration under penalty of perjury that you are the consumer whose personal information is the subject of the request. 

Additional Information.  If you choose to exercise any of your rights under the CCPA, you have the right to not receive discriminatory treatment by us. To the extent permitted by applicable law, we may charge a reasonable fee to comply with your request.

If you are a California resident, you may designate an authorized agent to make a request to access or a request to delete on your behalf. A response will be furnished to your authorized agent’s request if they submit proof that they are registered with the California Secretary of State to be able to act on your behalf, or submit evidence you have provided them with power of attorney pursuant to California Probate Code section 400
0 to 4465. Authorized agents may not be provided with the response pertaining to the request if the authorized agents fail to submit a proof of authorization or are unable to verify their identity.