Porto River Cruises

River Cruises from Porto

Porto, with its proximity to the Atlantic coast, was repeatedly the focus of would be occupiers over the centuries. Today, we offer a wide selection of Porto river cruise itineraries, allowing guests to fully explore one of Europe’s most charismatic destinations. Cobblestone streets lined with boutiques, cafés and wine bars make for a dreamy afternoon spent window-shopping. The city was also home to innovation in shipbuilding during the 14th and 15th centuries, which in turn gave birth to Portugal’s magical Age of Discovery. While touring the nearby village of Afurada where the Douro empties into the Atlantic, we invite you to join us at the docks to meet the local fishermen returning to port with their catch. You can observe the preparation of the fresh fish, before enjoying it with a glass of crisp chilled wine. 

Porto also has enormous historical significance for Portugal. Here you can stroll the same streets as Portugal’s first King, Alfonso I. Greater Porto is an area that has been settled for thousands of years and in 2012 was named joint European capital of culture with Maribor, Slovenia. There are a myriad of treasures to unearth as you take your time in exploring the ancient city’s charming lanes during your Porto river cruise.
Taste the spectrum of port wine
It wouldn’t be a Portugal river cruise without at least one evening devoted to tasting the many port wine varietals of the Douro Valley. We’ve arranged an exclusive cocktail function showcasing 12 of the region’s port wines – both red and white – at the spectacular Burmester Cellars. 

Located at the foot of the historic Dom Luis I pedestrian bridge as you enter into the heart of Porto, these Cellars are among the most celebrated wine caves in Porto. Built at the end of the 18th century and remaining true to their original architecture, the light and temperature of this region create optimal conditions for the creation of the finest port wines in the world.

Burmester Cellars opens its doors exclusively to Scenic guests for a memorable evening to enjoy fine port wine, fine dining and Fado music. Fado is indigenous to Portugal and its style is unmistakable due to its long-form melancholic storytelling style. Drink in the atmosphere of this uniquely Portuguese experience and appreciate the complexity of centuries of history that have led to this very modern and beguiling nation.