Currency & Tipping

Currency and Tipping
Q. Are credit cards accepted?
A. Many locations accept major credit cards, including Eurocard, MasterCard, and Visa, and these can be used in some shops, hotels and restaurants. Please note that some establishments may charge a small fee for credit card transactions, or else enforce a minimum purchase amount. Before you travel, make sure your credit card and pin will work in the country you’re visiting; your bank will be able to help with this matter.
Q. Does Scenic cover tipping and gratuities?
A. Yes, tipping and gratuities for drivers, local guides, porters, and waiting staff are included in the total price of your holiday. Please note: tipping is not included for meals, drinks, taxis and transfers outside your itinerary and only applies to on board services. We’d recommend tipping 10-15% in restaurants (unless a service charge has already been applied) and 10-15% on taxi meters. As a rule, always pre-negotiate taxi fares before agreeing to travel.
Q. Is it easy to exchange cash?
A. Cash or traveler’s cheques can be exchanged easily at hotels, banks or designated exchange bureaus. It’s also possible to buy small amounts of local currency on board your ship for a fee. For the best exchange rate, we’d recommend exchanging money before you travel.
Q. Is porterage included?
A. Handling and porterage of your luggage (as per the luggage allowance) is included in your cruise or tour. Should you wish to carry bags beyond this allowance, porterage of these items may be charged or you may be responsible for handling the baggage yourself.
Q. What currency will I need to take?

Most countries visited during a Scenic river cruise use the Euro, but some nations have retained their own currency; these include Scandinavian nations, Switzerland, Russia, and the Easter European States. For small purchases made on land or in small towns, we’d recommend carrying some local currency as ATMs or credit card facilities may not be available.

When booking an ocean cruise or escorted tour, our experienced booking advisors will be able to advise on the local currency for the destination you're traveling to.

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