General Information

General Information
Q. Are additional tours available throughout the cruise or tour?
A. Scenic itineraries feature a number of optional tours and excursions, including helicopter and hot-air balloon rides in selected destinations (optional activities may incur additional costs). All our river cruises, ocean voyages and escorted tours include a wide selection of daily excursions and special events, handpicked by our Journey Designers to offer unforgettable encounters. Read more about our truly all-inclusive Scenic Freechoice, Enrich and Sundowners activities, here
Q. Are all meals and drinks included?
A. Yes, all meals and drinks (with the exception of a selection of speciality wines and rare spirits) are included in the price of your cruise or tour. This excludes Russian and Egypt cruises.
Q. Are any on board salon and spa services available?
A. Our ships feature a salon, spa, and wellness area offering a variety of services. Please note that salon and spa services are not included in the price of your river or ocean cruise, and are charged as extras.
Q. Can I order a gift to be placed in the suite?
A. Yes, you can. To arrange this, please contact our US call center on 1 855 517 1200 and our specialists will be able to help you.
Q. Can I order refreshments to the suite?
A. A variety of refreshments, including alcoholic and hot drinks, and light lunches and snacks, can be ordered to your suite. Most of our ships, including our Space-Ships operate an 18-hour all-inclusive room service policy (excluding the Scenic Tsar). Room service is available 24 hours a day on Scenic Eclipse.
Q. Do Scenic accommodate those with special dietary requirements?
A. Yes, Scenic accommodate special dietary requirements to the best of our ability across our river and ocean cruises, and escorted tours. If you have special dietary requests, please notify us at the time of booking and inform your Cruise Director when you arrive.

Please note: while we endeavour to accommodate all dietary requirements, special requests are not guaranteed and failure to meet any request is not breach of contract on our behalf.
Q. How can I pay for purchases on board?
A. All purchases made on board your Scenic Space-Ship or Scenic Eclipse are charged to your shipboard account, which is payable at the end of your cruise. The on board currency on most Scenic ships is the Euro, and your shipboard account may be paid in Euros or via credit card. Please note: If you’re traveling on board the Scenic Tsar in Russia, the on board currency is the Rouble. When traveling on the Mekong or on board Scenic Eclipse, the currency is USD, and in Egypt, it's the Egyptian Pound. However, your shipboard account may only be paid by credit card.
Q. How can I unsubscribe from the database?
A. To unsubscribe from our database, please write to:

Marketing, Scenic, One Financial Center, 4th FL, Boston, MA 02111

If your question has not been fully answered, please get in touch via our Contact Us page. 
Q. How do I request the use of a Scenic e-bike?
A. If you'd like to use a Scenic e-Bike, please notify the reception staff the day before. They will organize for the bikes to be unloaded when the ship enters port. Please note that Scenic e-bikes are not available during escorted tour or during Russia and Portugal cruises due to cycling path restrictions along the respective rivers.
Q. Is it possible to visit the wheelhouse on my ship?
A. Guests can access the wheelhouse with prior consent from the Captain. A tour of the wheelhouse offers great insight into the intricacies of river navigation, particularly as the ship passes through complex locks. Please speak to your Cruise Director if you're interested in visiting the wheelhouse during your cruise.
Q. Is there an on board fitness room?
A. All our ships feature a gym and fitness area, so you can continue your fitness regime during your river cruise. There's also a designated walking area on the Sun Deck.
Q. Is Wi-Fi provided on the ships or in hotels?
A. Complimentary Wi-Fi access is available on board some of our vessels. Please be aware that internet access may be limited or none existent at certain times due to high demand from other users, or proximity to telecommunication services. We cannot guarantee that you will have full Wi-Fi coverage in your suite.

If you are traveling on an escorted tour, please note that Wi-Fi is available at selected hotels only.
Q. What are the on board dining times?
A. Dining times may vary depending on the day's activities, but are generally as follows:

Breakfast: 7am – 9am
Lunch: 12pm – 1.30pm
Dinner: 7pm – 9pm

Please note: if a specific sightseeing excursion means you will miss a meal on board, speak to a member of staff and they’ll be happy to have a picnic box prepared for you before you depart. 
Q. What are the Sun Deck opening times?
A. Guests can access the Sun Deck from 8am to late evening. However, the crew may need to close access to the Sun Deck without notice for safety purposes or due to local authority restrictions.
Q. What is the main language spoken on Scenic cruises and tours?
A. The main language is English. All staff, crew and tour guides speak English, and all announcements and lectures will be made in English.
Q. What is the seating plan in the Crystal Dining room?
A. We offer a flexible, open seating service in most of our dining rooms, including the main Crystal Dining room. This allows you the flexibility to sit at a table of your choosing, and arrive at a dining time that suits you.
Q. What type of food can I expect on board?
A. Scenic ships are equipped with a range of dining venues, each offering a unique dining experience that reflects the local region and its customs. Our expert chefs are keen to showcase local cuisines and delicacies, so the food on offer may differ from what you are accustomed to back home. Each on board eatery is designed to enhance your cruise, and we’re sure you’ll love much, if not all, of the delicious food we offer.
Q. When can I use the pool?
A. Not all of our ships have a pool, and pool opening times may vary depending on the cruise location. Please speak to your Cruise Director upon arrival to check pool opening times during your cruise. Pools are available on the following Space-Ships:

- Scenic Sapphire
- Scenic Diamond
- Scenic Azure
- Scenic Jasper
- Scenic Opal
- Scenic Amber
- Scenic Aura
- Scenic Spirit
- Scenic Eclipse (ocean cruising)
Q. Where can I help myself to complimentary hot drinks?
A. Tea and coffee making facilities are available at designated stations throughout the ship, including in the Crystal Dining room and River Café. Alternatively, hot drinks can be ordered to your suite.
Q. Which meals are offered as a buffet service?
A. Both breakfast and lunch are offered as a full buffet service, and include a wide array of hot and cold dishes for you to enjoy. Dinner is served à la carte, and there is no buffet service available in the evenings (please note: some themed cruises may include a buffet dinner).
Q. Will there be a Cruise Director on my cruise or tour?
A. Yes, an experienced Cruise Director or Tour Director accompanies every Scenic river cruise, ocean cruise and escorted tour. Our experienced travel directors are responsible for co-ordinating excursions and dealing with any special requests from guests. Working closely with the crew and guests, our Cruise and Tour Directors help our luxury river cruises, ocean cruises and tours run smoothly.

Hear from one of our Cruise and Tour Directors, here
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