River Cruising

River Cruising
Q. Are elevators present on the ship
A. Yes, the elevator on board our European Scenic Space-Ships services the Diamond Deck to the Sapphire Deck.

The elevator on board the Scenic Spirit services all decks from the Diamond Deck to the Gem Deck.

There is NO elevator on Scenic Aura. On board Scenic Aura, there are seven stairs, then a platform then an additional seven stairs between the decks. There are 13 stairs outside.
Q. Are there any medical personnel on board?
A. Scenic ships do not carry medical personnel on board and immediate medical attention cannot always be guaranteed. However, our staff are trained in first aid, and can provide basic medical assistance. Should you need to call medical services, this will be at your own expense. Please be aware that we cannot provide personal escorts for medical visits.

Please note: A doctor is on board all our Russian cruises.
Q. Are there different suite categories and prices?
A. We offer a variety of suite categories and accommodation dependent on the ship you'll be traveling on. Information about the various suite options can be found in our brochures or at the time of booking.
Q. Can you provide docking location and-or port address?
A. The docking location and port address for the departure point will be supplied along with your travel documents. However, these details are subject to last-minute changes by the relevant port authority.
Q. Could changing water levels affect my cruise
A. In the event that water levels are unusually high or low on a specific river, your itinerary may be affected by conditions out of our control. In these circumstances, we will work to minimize the impact this may have on your holiday, including making alternative arrangements for the duration of the cruise. Naturally, you will be kept informed of any changes which may impact on your river cruise.
Q. How do I know which ship I am travelling on
A. While we try to offer you as much information as possible regarding which ship you'll be traveling on, we can't guarantee this until the time of boarding.
Q. Is smoking permitted on board Scenic ships?
A. Smoking is not permitted in suites or any other indoor area across the Scenic fleet.

Smoking is permitted in specific areas of external decks. However, we cannot guarantee that these facilities will always be available.
Q. Is there an on board shop?
A. Most of our ships feature a gift display cabinet, where passengers can purchase gifts and souvenirs, as well as small toiletry items such as toothpaste.
Q. What are the Sun Deck opening times
A. Due to the number of low bridges on the waterways, there are times where the Sun Deck is not accessible to the vitality pool. Otherwise, the Sun Deck is available for guests to enjoy at all other times.
Q. What is the language on Scenic Space-Ships?
A. The on board language is English. All staff, crew and tour guides speak English, and all announcements and lectures will be made in English.
Q. Where can I help myself to complimentary hot drinks
A. Tea and coffee making facilities are available at designated stations throughout the ship, including in the Crystal Dining room and River Café. Alternatively, hot drinks can be ordered to your suite.
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