As part of our commitment to immersing you into the cultural traditions of Europe, we are pleased to introduce a brand new experience for our guests on all Scenic ‘Space-Ships’. Scenic Sundowners are our exclusive cocktail receptions hosted at some of Europe’s most majestic locations where you can toast the day’s end and the beauty of the riverside destinations.
This is our newest social soiree where you can watch the sunset over Europe’s grand waterways and revel in the extraordinary beauty surrounding you in the company of your fellow guests as you sip on your favorite drink in some of Europe’s most magical settings.

Exclusive & Unique Settings 

Medieval buildings and prehistoric fortifications grace the banks of the Rhine, which is also famed for its vineyards and quaint villages; while inspiring many artistic and musical works are the blue waters of the Danube. It is also home to Austria’s picturesque Wachau Valley wine country and the spectacular Serbian capital, Belgrade. While in France, the Rhône River offers stunning views of lavender fields, rolling hills, vineyards and castles at every turn. 

The beauty of Austria’s Wachau Valley will be toasted from the slopes of the Danube where you’ll listen to the music of the masters and sip champagne. A cable car ride high above Koblenz to the 19th century Ehrenbreitstein Fortress reveals incredible views of the Rhine; while the Kalemegdan Fortress of Belgrade overlooks the majestic site where the river Sava flows into the Danube and pays homage to Serbian poets, writers and composers. Tasting the renowned wines of the Rhône from the majestic Tournon Castle is truly unforgettable. These Scenic Sundowner destinations give you the opportunity to truly appreciate the European way of life.

As the day ends, you’ll get to enjoy a fine view at the breathtakingly beautiful Wachau Valley. You’ll be in very fine company and will experience a wonderful day. Of course, we can’t take all the credit for this one. It’s nature who’ll provide the view, we’re just bringing the drinks. 
Overlooking the Rhône, Tournon Castle is a must-see for visitors, both for its historic interest and its breathtaking outlook. Enjoy an afternoon aperitif on the terrace of the castle accompanied by local musicians.

After the doors close to the general public, you’ll get to soak in the expansive views of Regua’s surrounding vineyards at an exclusive cocktail event hosted on the beautifully manicured terrace of the Douro Museum. Savor a range of port wine varietals in the most wondrous setting – and be sure to try the Port Tonic.


Celebrate the two thousand-year history of wine by enjoying a glass at the exclusive estate of Château Siaurac. The vines glow red and gold at sunset, and with a glass of the estate’s vintage in hand while a local guitarist provides an acoustic soundtrack, it really is hard to imagine a more elegant way to enjoy this beautiful region.