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Scenic Tailormade

See the culture and history of Europe your way with our exclusive GPS guided Scenic Tailormade tours. Self-paced, self-guided and created for all interests, this unique program is available in over 140 locations as your personal tour guide to everything from history and gastronomy to art and architecture.
Exclusive and independent Scenic Tailormade tours are self-paced and self-guided using our exclusive GPS devices that share insights and stories behind each place of interest. You will have a personal hand-held device that delivers a most convenient, relaxing and enjoyable form of independent exploration. Perhaps tour Amsterdam’s canals and bridges or discover the influence of the Habsburgs in Vienna, or simply wander through Regensburg at your leisure listening to the stories of the greatest occupied castle in Germany. The best part is the directions are simple, pointing you to and from the ship and identifying points of interest, times and distances, and even local services.

Exclusive Tailormade Program

Allowing you to explore independently, our exclusive Scenic Tailormade program affords the ultimate in freedom, choice and flexibility during your journey on the continent’s fabled waters. From the moment you set foot aboard your luxury Scenic Space-Ship, you’ll have access to your very own personal Tailormade GPS device. Acting as a private guide throughout your journey, this state-of-the-art device lets you navigate Europe’s famous cities and towns with complete ease — helping you negotiate winding city streets at the touch of a button.

Our exclusive Tailormade touring devices also feature an interactive map and commentary function, so you can find out more about the destinations you’re passing as you float gently downstream. This commentary functionality can also be useful when partaking in tour-guide led outings, allowing you to tune in to the guide’s microphone and hear them clearly, no matter where you’re standing.

What does Tailormade mean on shore?

With over 240 tour options in over 140 European locations, our GPS locator effortlessly guides you through your own personal excursion. The insightful commentary is automatically activated for each point of interest so you can relax and go at your own pace; perhaps lingering at a view, knowing you won’t miss out on a thing later on. You’ll never get lost with our trustworthy interactive map and you can even choose to explore on two legs or two wheels with over 50 additional cycling options. Explore the scenic route with your own expertly curated bespoke tour with Tailormade. 

What does Tailormade mean onboard?

Relax on board while treasuring the journey. Tailormade offers cruising commentary with over 720 points of interest explored with expert narration and explanation of the history, culture and landscape of the regions through which you sail. Choose what interests you most from the diverse selection of topics. Select where you want to listen as well. Anchor yourself on your Scenic Sun Lounge or enjoy the commentary on the Sun Deck or from the Panorama Lounge with a drink in hand. Our absorbing commentary will bring to life every captivating view.

Explore On Two Wheels

Our exclusive Scenic Tailormade program means you can make every day a discovery, choosing only the options that interest you - both on shore and on board. Scenic offer the ultimate in freedom and choice. Whether you want to be part of a group excursion one day or you’re feeling adventurous the next, we make it both easy and exciting to customize your entire Scenic experience. We recognize and celebrate variety and understand that everyone is different. Even if you’re travelling together you can enjoy totally different moments of wonder; your Scenic days can be completely original and personal to you. 

Follow Your Interests

Scenic Tailormade allows you to personalize your cruise and whatever your interest and preferred pace, the choice is yours. Renaissance fans will love visiting the largest single Renaissance quarter in France, and the artistry of Europe is unveiled on the ‘Van Gogh and Arts Trail’ through Arles and the ‘Rembrandt Tour’ through 17th century Amsterdam. Walk in the steps of Mozart through historical Vienna or discover the fascinating 4,000-year-old history of Breisach surrounded by vineyards and 600-year-oldcellars. There are hundreds of self-guided tours to choose from. 

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