See the culture and history of Europe your way with our exclusive GPS guided Scenic Tailormade tours. Self-paced, self-guided and created for all interests, this unique program is available in over 140 locations as your personal tour guide to everything from history and gastronomy to art and architecture.

Exclusive and independent Scenic Tailormade tours are self-paced and self-guided using our exclusive GPS devices that share insights and stories behind each place of interest. You will have a personal hand-held device that delivers a most convenient, relaxing and enjoyable form of independent exploration. Perhaps tour Amsterdam’s canals and bridges or discover the influence of the Habsburgs in Vienna, or simply wander through Regensburg at your leisure listening to the stories of the greatest occupied castle in Germany. The best part is the directions are simple, pointing you to and from the ship and identifying points of interest, times and distances, and even local services.