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Join us on a European River Cruise for an all-inclusive journey through the famous Rhine, Main and Danube rivers. We'll take you to all the must-see highlights, help you discover the hidden gems of Europe and experience moments that recreate the wonder of years past.

It begins the instant we transport you from the airport to your luxury floating hotel. Your butler opens your suite door to luxury, world-class dining and unlimited top-shelf beverages... And that's just before you embark on your unforgettable voyage.

There are so many wonderful moments waiting to be uncovered across beautiful and historically rich Europe, and Scenic's handcrafted journeys are designed to do exactly that.


These majestic waterways span a varied and spectacular region with so much to offer - from timeless villages that preserve traditions most other regions have lost, to spectacular cities and architectural masterworks.

From rivers that flow through some of the world's most serene settings to dramatic snow-covered peaks that take your breath away, or European River Cruises bring the Europe of your imagination to life.

The Rhine, Main and Danube rivers flow through the heart of continental Europe. Through the engineering genius of their namesake canal and onward to the Danube, these rivers are lined with extraordinary architecture and incredible scenery.

As you travel through countries like The Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Hungary you'll experience the magic of rich traditions and fascinating cultures.


The wonders of France are revealed by the country's great rivers, with each cutting a path through regions of unimaginable beauty. Sail through Paris, the City of Light, on the timeless waters of the Seine, sample Lyon's renowned cuisine on the majestic Rhône, or float through wine country on the Dordogne.

From the windswept beauty of Normandy to the sun dappled Loire Valley and the magnificence of Bordeaux, France has something for everyone.


Russia is a vast and endlessly fascinating wonderland just waiting to be explored. From the grace of the Bolshoi to the might of the Kremlin, Russia is magnificent and compelling.

Imperial treasures and rich cultural history juxtaposed with traditional village life ensure that a cruise down Russia's Neva and Volga rivers will have you revelling in the beauty and complexities of this incredible country.


Scenic Space-Ships - From the moment you step foot on board one of our intimate and cutting-edge Scenic Space-Ships, you’ll enjoy the ultimate in all-inclusive luxury. Designed with you in mind, our visionary vessels will be your very own floating hotel as you explore the waterways of the world in revolutionary comfort. With innovative new technology, a wide selection of dining options and spacious suites... you’ll be glad you went with Scenic.

On board you’ll have full access to a wellness area, complete with massage services and a hair salon, a gym, special on board entertainment, Wi-Fi internet, e-bikes and of course luxuriously appointed suites to retire to at the end of the day.  The sense of space, luxurious fittings and the thoughtful touches all suggest that you are about to embark on a cruise in surroundings that are simply unsurpassed. Only the spectacular ever-changing scenery reminds you that you're on a ship, and not in a five-star hotel.