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At Scenic, when we say all-inclusive, we mean it.

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Scenic Tours is the leader in luxury all-inclusive European river cruising providing our guests with the ultimate vacation experience. Learn more about Scenic and what separates us from the competition by ordering one of our free river cruise brochures below.

Each brochure showcases the in-depth itineraries available on our river and ocean cruises. Find out exactly how you will be spending your time abroad, what Freechoice options are available to you, and just how much is included in your unforgettable escape.

Europe - On a European River Cruise with Scenic, there are moments of wonder around every bend. We take you to all the must-see highlights and help you discover the hidden gems of Europe. Experience moments that recreate the wonder of years past.
Russia - Russia is a land of monumental size and beauty. With glorious cities, cultural landmarks of incomparable splendor, and a history as captivating as it is complex, you'll simply love discovering Russia with Scenic.
Asia - Traverse the alluring waterways of the Mekong and Irrawaddy rivers, delight in the technicolor charms of Indochina, and rejoice in the allure of fascinating Myanmar. With Scenic, it's more than just a river cruise; it’s a journey you’ll never forget. 
Ocean - Designed to deliver a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience for just 228 guests, Scenic Eclipse takes ocean cruising to a whole new level. Marrying luxury, discovery and safety, our guests will have the opportunity to explore above and beyond what was previously unimaginable. 

Scenic Experience - On a Scenic river cruise, the entire continent is at your feet. Our European cruises lead you from one magical moment to another. Our e-bikes (electronically assisted bicycles) give you the freedom to explore independently and see more of each destination without breaking a sweat.

Wherever you find yourself, you'll be escorted through your exploration of Europe’s greatest marvels. Not only will you benefit from the expertise of local guides; all Scenic Freechoice, Enrich and Sundowner activities are fully escorted if you prefer travelling with a group. In addition, your Scenic Tailormade GPS device will give you the opportunity to choose from a range of destinations to explore... allowing our guests to make every day of their cruise as different and astonishing as the last.


Scenic Space-Ships - From the moment you step foot on board one of our intimate and cutting-edge Scenic Space-Ships, you’ll enjoy the ultimate in all-inclusive luxury. Designed with you in mind, our visionary vessels will be your very own floating hotel as you explore the waterways of the world in revolutionary comfort. With innovative new technology, a wide selection of dining options and spacious suites... you’ll be glad you went with Scenic.

On board you’ll have full access to a wellness area, complete with massage services and a hair salon, a gym, special on board entertainment, Wi-Fi internet, e-bikes and of course luxuriously appointed suites to retire to at the end of the day.  The sense of space, luxurious fittings and the thoughtful touches all suggest that you are about to embark on a cruise in surroundings that are simply unsurpassed. Only the spectacular ever-changing scenery reminds you that you're on a ship, and not in a five-star hotel.