Unique and mystical moments await amongst ancient lands.

Explore the captivating lands of Egypt and Jordan on a handcrafted land journey. Trace the path of intrepid explorers and ancient pharaohs and admire the grandeur of 4,500-year-old pyramids. Cruise along the magnificent Nile River and be amazed by the breathtaking beauty of the desert landscapes.

Explore Egypt & the Middle East

See the highlights of these iconic destinations to enhance your journey during an Egypt or Jordan tour with Scenic.

 Scenic Cruising

Glide gently down the Nile and gaze at the wonders of ancient Egypt from our exclusive private charter on board Sanctuary Sun Boat III.

Step back to the 1920s and 1930s on board Sanctuary Sun Boat III, with spacious cabins and stunning Nile River views. Sail from Luxor to Aswan and witness sights like the Valley of the Kings.  

The ship evokes the heyday of Egypt’s past with exquisite spaces, from the fine dining restaurant to the Sahara and H. Carter lounges where you can also enjoy lunch and dinner.

Sanctuary Sun Boat in Egypt Sanctuary Sun Boat in Egypt

Where we travel in

 Egypt & the Middle East

Embark on an extraordinary journey to easily explore the natural and ancient wonders of these regions.

Featured Itineraries

Explore our itineraries below and discover the breathtaking destinations that await you.

8 Days

SEASON: 2024

Highlights of the Kingdom of Jordan

At the crossroads of history


13 Days

SEASON: 2024

Treasures of Egypt

Ancient treasures


16 Days

SEASON: 2024

Alexandria & Ancient Egypt

From ocean to desert

The Ancient Wonders of Egypt, Jordan & Israel Brochure Cover
The Ancient Wonders of Egypt, Jordan & Israel Brochure Cover

Your guide to Egypt & the Middle East

Start planning your unforgettable Scenic journey and see details about handcrafted land tours and our frequently asked questions.

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