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Scenic Eclipse Ocean Cruises

World Class Indulgence & Absolute Discovery on board our luxury ocean cruises

Introducing Scenic Eclipse, the point on the map where luxury meets discovery.

Scenic Eclipse sets the standard in ocean cruising in terms of technology, size and luxury. State-of-the-art safety features allow us to unlock destinations others can only dream of.

Designed to deliver the ultimate experience of a lifetime for only 228 guests, only 200 in the Arctic and Antarctica, Scenic Eclipse takes small luxury cruises to a whole new level – marrying luxury, discovery and safety, and giving guests the opportunity to explore above and beyond what was previously imaginable.

The World's First Discovery Yachts


Scenic Eclipse Timelapse

The first of our Scenic Eclipse fleet is nearing completion, and we’re delighted to share with you a time-lapse video of the ship build. 

Inspired by the sleek contours of a sailing yacht and designed to deliver the ultimate experience of a lifetime, the Scenic Eclipse fleet takes luxury ocean cruising to a whole new level.

Scenic Eclipse build update

- A statement from our Chairman, Glen Moroney

"As you can see from the video and time lapse images, there are only a few balconies and the heli deck to mount and then the hull and superstructure will be complete. NB scaffolding around the ship is for workers to prepare the hull for final painting. 

There are over 700 workers on day shift during the week, over 150 on evening shift and 450 on Saturday, so interior fit-out continues at pace and engine and associated systems commissioning has commenced. 

This progress has been achieved despite the shipyard experiencing significant financial issues which, among other things, led to recent strike action (now resolved). The Uljanik group are working with the Croatian Government and the European Union’s Competition Authority to develop a restructuring plan and we hope this process will be completed soon.  

Given the yard’s challenges, Scenic took full ownership of Eclipse some time ago and has contracted suppliers directly and funded the project entirely to ensure continuation of the build. Despite the difficult environment, Scenic’s supervisory team, Uljanik’s management and production workers are totally focused on the ship’s completion. Due to the shipyard’s financial situation and strike action we have faced some delays but we continue to address these as they arise. 
On the positive side, both Karen and I attend the shipyard in Pula every week and see a very special ship coming to life. No computer generated image or even the video you see here can truly portray the presence of the ship close up. As the public spaces and cabins come together our entire team become more excited about the experiences we will deliver.

For those lucky enough to sail on her you will undoubtedly enjoy a game changing Discovery Cruise Experience, and we as a company are deeply committed to ensuring that is the case at every level."

Glen Moroney
Scenic Group

To book or find out more, call us today on 855 517 1200

Introducing the second ship in the Scenic Eclipse fleet


The second ship in the Scenic Eclipse fleet launch video

Following the extraordinary global interest in Scenic’s soon-to-launch 6-star Scenic Eclipse, Scenic has announced its flagship will be joined by a sister ship.

The Ultimate in Luxury Ocean Cruising

In Scenic’s 31 years, our passion for luxury all-inclusive travel is what has set us apart and we would love you to join us for the next chapter of our journey. Launching in early 2019, our first ocean cruising vessel, Scenic Eclipse, continues the Scenic tradition of innovation and all-inclusive luxury.

We realize that every cruise is as unique as our guests, which is why we offer the broadest range of all-inclusive shore excursions. Our specialist Discovery Team will be on hand to share their expertise, allowing you to tailor your holiday to be the experience of a lifetime. We take pride in what we do. We go to the Nth Degree.

Intimate and luxurious, with every amenity you could wish for, Scenic Eclipse has been designed with you in mind. Delighting both the keen explorer and elegant traveler,  the World’s First Discovery Yacht is certain to surpass all your ocean cruising expectations.  Our 6-star Scenic Eclipse is truly an all-inclusive luxury package. 

With an almost 1:1 staff-to-guest ratio, your time on board will be one of unparalleled indulgence. From the ultimate Spa Sanctuary to the expansive array of dining experiences, spacious lounges and bars, outdoor terraces, and multiple pool areas, the luxurious wonders on board never cease.

The World's First Discovery Yachts


On board inclusions:

  • Spacious all-verandah suite accommodation
  • Personal service with an almost 1:1 guest-to-staff ratio
  • Nine dining venues, from casual to fine dining
  • Unlimited complimentary beverages
  • Butler service for every guest
  • Spa Sanctuary & plunge pools
  • Gym, yoga & pilates studio
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Expert Discovery Leaders on all cruises
  • Daily entertainment and discovery presentations
  • Complimentary self-service guest laundry
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi internet
  • Airport transfers to and from the ship

Onshore inclusions:

  • Comprehensive choice of shore excursions
  • Exclusive Scenic Enrich experiences
  • Expert local guides
  • Zodiac excursions
  • Kayak, snorkeling and snowshoeing adventures
  • The freedom of our e-bikes (electronically assisted bicycles)
  • Explore under the sea in our submarine*
  • Soar above and beyond by helicopter*
  • Expert Discovery Leaders on all cruises
  • Take a scuba-dive*
  • Bottled water for all shore excursions
  • Chef-prepared picnics
  • *additional cost
Our Truly All-Inclusive Promise

We believe true luxury is all-inclusive and found in the thoughtful detail. That’s why, when you travel with Scenic, you can be confident that every detail is taken care of.

Our Eclipse Cruises

Ocean Cruises

Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro

5 days
Buenos Aires > Rio de Janeiro
Enjoy 5 leisurely days at sea on a cruise from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro. Relax and indulge yourself on board our luxurious yacht, Scenic Eclipse.
from $3,295

South America to the Canary Islands

15 days
Buenos Aires > Tenerife
Embark on a relaxing 15 day journey from Buenos Aires to Tenerife. Spend time at sea, relax on board & see the famous Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro.
from $5,295
MISC Land Tours

Alaska including the Arctic Circle

13 days
Vancouver > Fairbanks
From Vancouver to Fairbanks, experience Alaska's spectacular beauty over 13 incredible days. Enjoy a Special Stay at Mt McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge.
from $6,895 $6,645

East Coast USA

10 days
New York City > Nassau
Explore East Coast USA in all-inclusive luxury on our 10 day cruise from New York City to Nassau. Take in stunning coastal scenery & alluring architecture.
from $6,995

Discover Portugal & Spain

9 days
Lisbon > Barcelona
Discover Portugal & Spain on this 9 day luxury cruise. Discover stunning Seville, meet the apes at the rock of Gibraltar & arrive in Gaudi's Barcelona.
from $7,195

Mediterranean Discovery

9 days
Barcelona > Athens
Uncover the gems of the Mediterranean and encounter some of the most celebrated landscapes in Europe in all-inclusive luxury from Barcelona to Athens.
from $7,495
MISC Land Tours

Canadian Castles & Alaskan Cruise

13 days
Banff > Vancouver
Travel in luxury from Calgary to Vancouver on a 13-day Canadian Castles & Alaskan Cruise. Ride the Rocky Mountaineer in GoldLeaf before your 5-star cruise.
from $7,695 $7,445

Maritimes Discovery

10 days
Halifax > New York City
From Halifax to New York City, discover the small & historic ports of Nova Scotia & the classic beauty of New England before heading to Portland & New York.
from $7,995

Baltic Explorer

11 days
Stockholm > Stockholm
Journey along legendary trade routes & discover a region as diverse as its people on this 11 day cruise through the Baltics. Spend 2 days in St Petersburg.
from $7,995

Maritimes Discovery

11 days
New York City > Halifax
From iconic New York City to Halifax, you will cruise in all-inclusive 6-star luxury over 11 days.
from $8,795

Baltic Tradewinds Route

11 days
Amsterdam > Stockholm
From Amsterdam to Stockholm, uncover the delights of the Baltics during the legendary long summer days of the northern world on this 11 day luxury cruise.
from $8,795

Mediterranean Treasures

10 days
Venice > Barcelona
From Venice to Barcelona, uncover the Mediterranean treasures and Croatian gem of Dubrovnik over 10 days in all-inclusive 6-star luxury.
from $8,995

Great Seafaring Nations

12 days
Barcelona > Amsterdam
From Barcelona to Amsterdam, immerse yourself in the vivacity of Spain as you explore its coastline before discovering the untouched elegance of Portugal.
from $9,495

Taste of Cuba and the Caribbean

11 days
Havana > Cartagena
from $9,595

Baltic Treasures

11 days
Stockholm > Copenhagen
Uncover fascinating Baltic Treasures and be enchanted by one of Europe's most fascinating waterways on this 11 day cruise from Stockholm to Copenhagen.
from $9,895

Cuba in Depth

13 days
Nassau > Havana
from $10,095

Magnificent Canadian Rockies & Alaskan Cruise

22 days
Vancouver > Vancouver
Start your 22-day tour with an Alaskan Cruise from Vancouver, before travelling to Whistler, Jasper, Lake Louise & Banff. End on the Rocky Mountaineer.
from $10,490

Panama and Colombia Discovery

10 days
Cartagena > Lima
From Cartagena to Lima, cruise along the Central & South American coastline & transit the Panama Canal - an awe-inspiring experience you will never forget.
from $10,695

Mediterranean Treasures with Taste of the Balkans

16 days
Belgrade > Barcelona
from $11,195

Peru Adventure & Amazon Cruise

15 days
Lima > Buenos Aires
Be part of an awesome adventure on this 19 day tour starting in Lima, visiting Iquitos, Sacred Valley, Cuzco, Machu Picchu even cruise the Amazon River.
from $11,595

Iceland & Atlantic Canada

13 days
Reykjavik > Quebec City
On this 13 day cruise from Reykjavik to Quebec City you will love discovering the islands that connect the American continent to the European continent.
from $11,895

Discover Portugal & Spain with Taste of France

16 days
Lisbon > Paris
from $12,095

Atlantic Canada & USA

15 days
Quebec City > New York City
On this 15 day all-inclusive luxury cruise, explore charming coastal towns rich in flora and fauna.
from $12,295

Pristine Greenland

11 days
Reykjavik > Copenhagen
Experience Pristine Greenland on this 11 day luxury cruise from Reykjavik to Copenhagen. Witness Southern Greenland's wilderness and spectacular scenery.
from $12,295

Ultimate Arctic

11 days
Oslo > Oslo
Enjoy the endless summer days, try to spot Polar bears and discover the northernmost islands on this 11 day discovery cruise in the Arctic circle.
from $12,995

Discover Portugal & Spain with Taste of Italy

17 days
Rome > Barcelona
from $12,995

Galápagos, Amazon & Peru

17 days
Guayaquil > Lima
from $13,000

Mediterranean Discovery with Taste of France

16 days
Paris > Athens
from $13,095

Baltic Explorer with Scandinavian Discovery

18 days
Copenhagen > Stockholm
from $13,395

East Coast USA with Highlights of the East Coast

18 days
Boston > Nassau
from $13,495

Maritimes Discovery with Rhythms of the South

18 days
Halifax > New Orleans
from $13,595

Taste of Cuba & the Caribbean with Colombia Experience

18 days
Havana > Bogota
from $13,895

Maritimes Discovery with Highlights of the East Coast

19 days
Boston > Halifax
from $13,995

Jewels of Iberia & Ireland

14 days
Barcelona > Dublin
Discover diverse cultures and landscapes on this luxurious 14 day cruise that takes you to the highlights of Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Norway.
from $14,095

Great Seafaring Nations with Taste of France

19 days
Paris > Amsterdam
from $14,195

Ultimate Maritimes & East Coast USA

19 days
Halifax > Nassau
Uncover the maritime treasures, charming coastal towns and colonial architecture during your 19 day all-inclusive luxury cruise from Halifax to Nassau.
from $14,290

Baltic Treasures with Scandinavian Discovery

18 days
Stockholm > Bergen
from $14,395

Panama & Colombia Discovery with Colombia Experience

18 days
Bogota > Lima
from $14,895

The Footsteps of the Vikings

10 days
Bergen > Reykjavik
Whilst taking the Viking route from Norway to Iceland you will discover extraordinary landscapes on this 10 day luxury cruise from Bergen to Reykjavik.
from $14,995

Panama & Colombia Discovery with Peru Highlights

19 days
Cartagena > Lima
from $15,095

Ultimate Mediterranean Discovery

17 days
Lisbon > Athens
Uncover the history and culture of the Portuguese, Moors, Spaniards, French, Romans and Greeks during this 17 day Ultimate Mediterranean Discovery cruise.
from $15,190

Discover the British Isles

11 days
Dublin > Bergen
Explore the British Isle from Dublin to Bergen and enjoy what Britannia has more to offer as you spend time on magical islands and beautiful ports.
from $15,595

Arctic Islands: Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland

14 days
Oslo > Reykjavik
Experience close encounters of the Arctic kind on this 14 day cruise from Oslo to Reykjavic. Visit the world's largest national park and spot wildlife.
from $15,895

Chilean Fjords & Cape Horn

19 days
Lima > Buenos Aires
Experience the very best of the islands and fjords of Patagonia & Chile on this all-inclusive luxury cruise on board Scenic Eclipse. Visit Tierra del Fuego.
from $15,895

Antarctica in Depth

12 days
Ushuaia > Ushuaia
Experience Antarctica in Depth on this 12 day all-inclusive 6-star cruise from Ushuaia. View vast icescapes, mountains and an abundance of wildlife.
from $16,395

Atlantic Canada & USA with Eastern Explorer

22 days
Toronto > New York City
from $16,395

Iceland Explorer

10 days
Reykjavik > Reykjavik
On this 10 day Iceland Explorer luxury cruise, discover the many glaciers and volcanoes & immerse yourself in the distinctive culture and incredible sights.
from $16,495

Norwegian Fjords Uncovered

13 days
Copenhagen > Tromso
Discover glorious Norway on this 13 day Norwegian Fjords Uncovered cruise. Take in some of the most spectacular scenery and explore the Viking history.
from $16,595

Across the Arctic Circle

14 days
Copenhagen > Oslo
Venture across the Arctic Circle & find true north on this 14 day cruise from Copenhagen. Explore the polar wonderland of Spitsbergen & magnificent fjords.
from $16,795

Pristine Greenland with Eastern Europe Highlights

20 days
Reykjavik > Prague
from $16,795

Arctic Jewel

10 days
Tromso > Oslo
Voyage to the top of the world & encounter polar bears, walruses & whales on this 10 day cruise from Tromso to Oslo. Take in the Svalbard archipelago.
from $17,195

Atlantic Canada & USA with Rhythms of the South

23 days
Quebec City > New Orleans
from $18,095

Ultimate Seafarers & Baltics

22 days
Barcelona > Stockholm
From Barcelona to Stockholm, journey from Barcelona to Stockholm on this epic 22 day journey. Uncover the treasures, traditions and history of the Baltics.
from $18,290

Chilean Fjords & Cape Horn with Taste of Argentina & Brazil

26 days
Lima > Rio de Janeiro
from $19,195

Norwegian Fjords with Scandinavian Highlights

19 days
Oslo > Tromso
from $19,595

Arctic Islands with Scandinavian Highlights

20 days
Copenhagen > Reykjavik
from $19,695

Across the Arctic Circle with Scandinavian Highlights

20 days
Oslo > Oslo
from $19,795

Chilean Fjords & Cape Horn with Highlights of Peru

28 days
Lima > Buenos Aires
from $19,895

Ultimate Caribbean & Central American Treasures

20 days
Havana > Lima
from $20,290

Antarctica in Depth with Taste of Argentina & Brazil

19 days
Buenos Aires > Rio de Janeiro
from $20,795

Ultimate Footsteps of the Seafaring Nations

24 days
Barcelona > Bergen
This cruise truly covers the whole of the Iberian Peninsula, the British Isles and a part of Scandinavia sailing from Barcelona to Bergen over 23 days.
from $21,190

Antarctica in Depth with Highlights of Peru

21 days
Lima > Buenos Aires
from $21,795

Antarctica in Depth with Patagonian Adventure

20 days
Buenos Aires > Santiago
from $24,295

Ultimate Baltics & Arctic Circle

24 days
Stockholm > Oslo
From Stockholm to Oslo, experience the Baltics and Arctic Circle on this 24 day all-inclusive luxury cruise. Visit Helsinki, St. Petersburg & Spitsbergen.
from $24,990

Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands

19 days
Buenos Aires > Buenos Aires
Witness extraordinary landscapes and great migrations during this Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands cruise. Look for penguins, seals & whales.
from $25,295

Antarctica in Depth with Ecuador Highlights

22 days
Buenos Aires > Quito
from $25,695

Iceland & Atlantic Canada with Eastern Explorer

20 days
Reykjavik > Toronto
from $25,695

Across the Northwest Passage

21 days
Copenhagen > Nome
Cruise in 6-star luxury across the Northwest Passage on our 21 day voyage. From Copenhagen to Nome, follow in the footsteps of early Arctic explorers.
from $27,495

Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands

19 days
Buenos Aires > Buenos Aires
Over 19 days, discover the extraordinary landscapes of Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands. Look out for humpback whales and spot king penguins.
from $29,095

Greek Isles & Dalmatian Discovery

11 days
Athens > Venice
Discover the best of the stunning Greek Isles & sparkling Dalmatian Coast in all-inclusive luxury on this spectacular 11 day cruise from Athens to Venice.
from $29,295

South Georgia with Taste of Argentina & Brazil

26 days
Buenos Aires > Rio de Janeiro
from $29,495

Antarctica with Galápagos, Amazon cruising & Peru

29 days
Guayaquil > Buenos Aires
from $29,695

South Georgia with Taste of Argentina & Brazil

26 days
Buenos Aires > Rio de Janeiro
from $30,995

South Georgia with Patagonian Adventure

27 days
Santiago > Buenos Aires
from $32,295

Greek Isles & Dalmatian Discovery with Taste of Italy

19 days
Athens > Rome
from $32,595

Ultimate Chilean Fjords & Antarctica

30 days
Lima > Buenos Aires
On this 30 day Ultimate Chilean Fjords & Antarctica luxury cruise from Lima to Buenos Aires, experience the Patagonian Fjords and Antarctic Peninsula.
from $34,890

Ultimate Iceland & Atlantic Canada

22 days
Reykjavik > Quebec City
From Reykjavic to Quebec City, your 22 day 6-star luxury cruise will see you venture to new frontiers, from the volcanoes of Iceland to Greenland's fjords.
from $37,390

Ultimate Mediterranean Treasures

20 days
Athens > Barcelona
Travel from Athens to Barcelona on this 20 day luxury cruise. Visit beautiful Santorini, Kefalonia, Dubrovnik, Venice, Amalfi & Monte Carlo.
from $54,790

Our Eclipse Cruises

Book by October 31, 2018


Free private door-to-door transfers

  • Enjoy the luxury of your own private car to deliver you to and from the airport. Up to $400 per cabin value, available on select departures.

On Board Credit to experience Heli/Sub/Spa – it’s your choice. Enjoy $500 per person on:

  • Antarctica, So. Georgia & Falkland Islands
  • Chilean Fjords & Cape Horn
  • Transatlantic 2020

Free Deposit Protection
Enjoy peace of mind. Available on select departures.


Early Payment Discount – Pay in Full and save!
Book by 10/31 and save up to $750 per person.


Earlybird Fares – Save up to 10% off the full fare
Fares are limited and subject to availability.

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