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Journey beyond the expected, past the limits of the map, on board the World’s First Discovery Yacht™ . Scenic Eclipse was inspired by a desire to expand our consciousness, venturing across mighty oceans in search of new experiences most travelers can only dream of. From the Arctic to Antarctica in exceptional 6-star luxury – ocean cruising has never felt like this, and you’re invited to be a part of it.

Join us on board Scenic Eclipse during its inaugural season, and witness the dawn of a new era of ocean cruising. We’ve combined our signature all-inclusive luxury service with the spirit of ocean discovery, affording guests the unique opportunity to explore all four corners of the globe in the height of luxury, elegance, and at-sea safety.

The World’s First Discovery Yacht™ sets a ground-breaking new precedent in ocean travel, marrying 6-star luxury with world-class safety features and design elements. Guests will enjoy beautiful, spacious suites complemented by fine fare and unique dining experiences, as well as a host of indulgent amenities that elevate sea days from ordinary to exceptional.

With Scenic, you are more than a spectator to the wonders of our extraordinary world. Scenic Eclipse is equipped with a fleet of exploratory vehicles designed to take you beyond the horizon, from Zodiacs, kayaks and e-bikes to submarines and a helicopter, which can all be chartered for unforgettable private tours through the world’s most captivating destinations.

Scenic Eclipse offers unique experiences for every traveller, whether you long to discover far-flung cultures, rekindle your spirit of adventure, sample regional cuisine, or simply go where nobody goes. To help inspire your journey on board the World’s First Discovery Yacht™, our Inspire Me guides showcase our ocean cruises by interest, Adventure, Culture, Gastronomy, and Discovery.


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From the on board discovery fleet of Zodiacs, kayaks and state-of-the-art submarines to the streamlined design of the hull, awarded a rating of Polar Class 6 for safety; Scenic Eclipse is built for adventure. Add to that a wide range of Scenic Freechoice active discovery experiences that guarantee unforgettable encounters across land, over water or under the ocean, and adventure-seekers will be in their element on board our pioneering Discovery Yacht.

Journey to the fringes of the habitable world and beyond on the adventure of a lifetime. Our polar ocean cruises afford would-be adventurers the chance to follow in the footsteps of the world’s great explorers, charting their own course through the frozen wilds of the Arctic and Antarctica.


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Since our inception, the mission at Scenic has been to introduce our guests to other cultures, providing enriching experiences that go beyond those afforded to the ordinary traveller. This tradition continues on board Scenic Eclipse, with unique and immersive cultural encounters sewn into the very fabric of our extraordinary ocean cruise offering.

With exclusive Scenic Enrich cultural experiences available during every itinerary, and Scenic Freechoice, flexible daily excursions helping you experience more of the things you love, our itineraries offer cultural immersion all around the world. From private cultural encounters on the shores of the Caribbean to exclusive story-telling events on the windswept Scilly Isles, culture comes easy on board Scenic Eclipse.


Scenic Eclipse's 6-star experience sets a new bar for ocean cruising. Reaching destinations that have long been inaccessible to the ordinary traveller, like Antarctica, the Arctic, Patagonia, and the Chilean Fjords, Scenic Eclipse will offer guests complete on board luxury during their voyage of discovery. The World’s First Discovery Yacht has changed the scope of discovery travel, affording guests the chance to experience the wild, captivating lands they’ve long been dreaming of, but in the luxury and tranquil surroundings of the Scenic Eclipse.

Whether you're seeking sanctuary in the Spa & Wellness centre, relaxing in the theatre, or soaking in your surroundings from the observation deck, your Scenic Eclipse experience will be one of ultimate tranquillity and relaxation. 


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Go beyond the ordinary tourist trail and experience wildlife few have encountered. Scenic Eclipse sets a course for the horizon, going further than any other ship in search of new and unforgettable travel moments. From the polar regions at the edge of the world to lesser-known destinations larger vessels simply cannot reach; you will discover a whole new world with Scenic Eclipse.

Witness the polar beasts of the Arctic, circumnavigating the Svalbard Archipelago in the land of the midnight sun; and track penguin colonies through the frozen landscapes of Antarctica, using a combination of Zodiacs, kayaks, and snow shoes - there is an abundance of opportunities to enjoy close encounters with the majestic wildlife. 

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