Discover ancient sites, sweeping valleys, and majestic landscapes

A diverse cultural landscape packed into one continent makes for exciting explorations. Be swept away by the pristine wilderness, ancient sites, stunning glacial fields, regal volcanoes and geysers, beautiful beaches, majestic fjords, and idyllic islands on your voyage in South America.

Scenic Eclipse Americas Voyages 2024
Scenic Eclipse Americas Voyages 2024

Start planning your Scenic Eclipse Voyage

Learn more about what to expect on an ocean voyage to the Americas and our ultra-luxury experience—or find your perfect itinerary.

Discover South America

From beautifully preserved colonial cities, ancient and vibrant cultures, majestic fjords, alluring beaches, and remote islands, see what this remarkable continent has to offer.


Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro

13 Days

SEASON: 2024/2025

Rhythms of the Brazilian Coastline

Secrets of the South

Rio de Janeiro to Malaga

20 Days

SEASON: 2024/2025

Crossing the Equator: Rio to the Spanish Riviera

Transatlantic Crossing

Bridgetown to Rio de Janeiro

12 Days

SEASON: 2024

Wellness Retreat: Barbados to Brazil

A rejuvenation journey on sparkling seas


Where we travel in

South America

Discover the extraordinary wonders of South America and be immersed in the rich and diverse cultures, cuisines, and landscapes of its many magnificent destinations.
Scenic Eclipse Americas Voyages 2024
Scenic Eclipse Americas Voyages 2024

Your guide to cruising the Americas

Start planning your Scenic journey of a lifetime to the Americas. See details about voyages and frequently asked questions.

^Flights on board our two helicopters, helicopter experiences, and submersible at additional cost, subject to regulatory approval, availability, weight restrictions, medical approval, and weather conditions.
#Spa treatments at additional cost.

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Scenic Eclipse in New York Scenic Eclipse in New York

North America

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