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Portugal River Cruises

The allure of a Portugal River cruise is the wealth of wonders that it offers. Scenic guests will experience fabulous treasures and extraordinary gastronomy at privately owned hilltop quintas, in enchanting riverside communities and cosmopolitan ports. Whether you’re enjoying the cuisine, ports and wines, or simply watching the undulating hills pass by, the Douro River has something for every traveler.
Discover a Portugal that is yours alone, living in your memory forever with a journey through the heart of the beautiful Douro Valley. With its spectrum of colors and flavors, as well as the variety of influences that have added their individual touches over the centuries, a Scenic Douro river cruise is a magical adventure.

Portugal Overview

To say that Portugal is emerging as a hot spot for tourism in Europe would be a significant understatement. It is also an emerging destination for Portugal River Cruises. Truth be told, the country is now on the radars of many seasoned travelers; yet that’s a relatively new development, which many people may find surprising given Portugal’s rich history and the fact that the country’s borders have not  changed in 900 years. Portugal’s limited tourism throughout much of the 20th century is linked to a military dictatorship that stripped the country of much of its wealth and limited its advancement alongside the rest of Western Europe. A political upheaval in 1974 transformed the Iberian nation into a Democracy, and twelve years later Portugal joined the European Union. Those two events helped to revitalize the country; and as tourism slowly expanded, word soon spread of the wonders found within those ancient borders.

Portugal benefits from a unique location along the western coast of the Iberian Peninsula. And because the country stretches along most of the North-South axis of the peninsula, a Scenic Portugal river cruise provides the opportunity to explore a broad range of climates and landscapes, all relatively close to one another. In the north, lush, vine- and- tree-covered mountains dominate the terrain, which transitions to rockier mountains punctuated by steep slopes as one heads south. The desert-like Alentejo region covers much of the southern half of the country, but it gives way to the Algarve, a stretch of sun-soaked beaches and golf resorts that run along the Mediterranean coast.

Step Off The Beaten Path

Unlike the historic cathedrals and monuments found in many central and western European nations, Portugal’s cathedrals and monuments are not overrun with tourists, which make them ideal destination for history buffs hoping to avoid the crowds. Within the last decade, Portugal has also emerged as a top golf destination. Various golfing publications have ranked as many as 14 of Portugal’s courses on the list of top 100 in Europe. And the country’s Algarve region always attracts throngs of well-heeled travelers looking to soak up some rays on Mediterranean beaches or catch some waves on their surfboards.

Porto: The National Export

Still, it may be impossible to embark on a Douro river cruise and not enjoy languid sips of the country’s most famous export, a fortified wine named after the city from which it was shipped, Porto, and not from the regions where it is made. There are many fine wines produced throughout the country that will pique the interests and tantalize the palates of wine aficionados and newcomers, alike. 


Excite your senses as you traverse the spectacular beauty of the Douro Valley. Made up of four World Heritage sites - the Alta Douro, Historic Centre of Porto, the old city of Salamanca and prehistoric rock art sites of the Côa Valley, you’ll get a chance to immerse yourself in timeless villages, terraced landscapes, family-run quintas and hilltop wine estates scattered amongst the steep hills. Whatever your preference, we invite you to absorb all the must-see sights and uncover the tucked away treasures of a Scenic Portugal River cruise.

From rolling vineyards to grand historic structures, magic waterscapes to endlessly engaging vistas, Portugal’s lazy charm tends to seep into your consciousness slowly, seducing you without even realizing it. However, by the time you’ve fully explored its wondrous valleys and friendly village communities, you’ll find yourself thoroughly and hopelessly in love.

Portugal River Cruises

Portugal River Cruises

Fly from $495 per person

Unforgettable Douro

11 days
Porto > Porto
Cruise the beautiful Douro Valley on an 11 day river cruise. Discover the treasures of Porto, the vineyards in Regua, Vinhateiro & the Côa Valley Museum.
from $5,895
Fly from $495 per person

Unforgettable Douro with Lisbon

14 days
Lisbon > Porto
Explore Lisbon before boarding Scenic Azure. Cruise the breathtaking Douro Valley and discover the vineyards in Regua, Vinhateiro & the Côa Valley Museum.
from $7,045
Fly from $495 per person

Unforgettable Douro with Madrid

14 days
Porto > Madrid
Travel from Porto to Madrid in a 14 day wonder-filled journey. Explore the beautiful Douro Valley and vineyards before enjoying 3 nights in Madrid.
from $7,795
Fly from $495 per person

Unforgettable Douro with Lisbon & Madrid

17 days
Lisbon > Madrid
Begin your journey in Lisbon before discovering the Douro river on a luxurious cruise on board Scenic Azure. Finish up your tour with 3 nights in Madrid.
from $8,645
Up to Fly Free to Europe

Iberian Grandeur

21 days
Porto > Madrid
Explore the picturesque Douro Valley and the great sites of Spain – Seville and the beautiful Andalusian Mountains on a 21 day journey from Porto to Madrid.
from $11,295
Up to Fly Free to Europe

Gems of the Seine & Unforgettable Douro

21 days
Paris > Porto
Embark on a 21 day adventure from Paris to Porto & cruise through of Europe's two most magical rivers on a luxury Scenic Space-Ship, the Seine & the Douro.
from $12,490

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