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Step on board the World’s First Discovery Yachts, and prepare for a culinary awakening of the senses. With an exceptional choice of 10 dining experiences inspired by cultures from all four corners of the globe, Scenic Eclipse promises an epicurean journey like no other.

At the heart of our dining philosophy lies our dedication to combining the finest ingredients with the skills of our expert chefs, interpreting regional recipes and translating them into a menu of beautiful, satisfying dishes. Our open galleys mean you can experience our passion and expertise first-hand, with our chefs eager to introduce the evening’s sumptuous offering to you.

From the contemporary French fine dining of Lumiére to the rich Asian fusion of Koko’s restaurant and Sake bar, you’re invited to uncover the world’s great gastronomies through 10 exclusively appointed dining experiences. And for those looking to take their culinary journey a step further, Scenic Epicure gives you the opportunity to participate in a series of cooking lessons, held by our experienced and knowledgeable chefs.

Gourmet discoveries continue onshore, with our Discovery Team helping you experience the world’s unique culinary flavors. Below, we’ve selected three Scenic Eclipse itineraries which offer the finest in cultural and gastronomic encounters.

Eastern Mediterranean Treasures

A tradiitonal Mediterranean cheeseboard

Gracing three of Europe’s foremost epicurean melting pots, our Eastern Mediterranean Treasures cruise affords moments of gastronomic bliss on the shores of the sparkling Mediterranean. Visit Italy, with its fragrant seafood and beloved pizza and pasta; France, home to the world’s most decadent fare; and Spain, whose tapas culture appeals to those who take pleasure in the act of sharing fine food with close friends and loved ones.

On the World Heritage-listed Amalfi Coast, visit the charming vertical harbor village of Positano, and sample the region’s revered limoncello, a refreshing citrus liquor enjoyed after a meal to cleanse the palate. Fresh seafood is prevalent throughout the Sorrentine Peninsula and along Italy’s Mediterranean seaboard, with local fisherman often spotted hauling in the day’s catch in the tranquil harbors which dot the coast from the Gulf of Naples to Messina.

In Sardinia, explore Bronze Age archaeological ruins, or sweep over this captivating island to enjoy the lay of the land with an exclusive helicopter tour. On board our Discovery Yachts, guests can participate in a Scenic Epicure cooking class of Sardinian specialities, using locally-sourced ingredients to recreate the mouth-watering dishes and delicacies of the island. With guidance from our passionate chefs, you can prepare colorful dishes that evoke the timeless flavors of the island – giving you the skills and knowledge to replicate Sardinia’s favorite dishes back home.

Taste of the Seafaring Nations

Lobster and fish seasoned with sea salt

For thousands of years, the Atlantic Ocean has held sway over the cuisines of Portugal, the Scilly Isles, and Ireland – its waters offering a boundless larder of fresh seafood, and its climate shaping fertile lands laden with home-grown produce. Our Taste of the Seafaring Nations cruise introduces the culinary identities of these proud lands, offering the chance to sample unique regional fare along Europe’s charming Atlantic seaboard.

Begin your culinary journey in Porto, Portugal’s ancient second city. Here, sample world-famous port wines at historic cellar doors, savoring the rich, spicy aroma synonymous with the Douro Valley’s favorite tipple. Porto has long been the world capital of port wine, so a measure of this satisfying spirit is a must before you step on board Scenic Eclipse to begin your captivating journey north.

In the windswept Scilly Isles, our Discovery Team will introduce the beautiful Tresco Abbey Garden, home to an incredible array of native species. You can also take a tour of St Mary’s, and enjoy stories of folklore and intrigue from a local resident. Back on board the Discovery Yachts, join our knowledgeable chefs in the Scenic Epicure cooking emporium, where you can learn to cook satisfying dishes inspired by the unique culture and heritage of the Scilly Isles. Using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and guidance from our chefs, you’ll prepare authentic regional dishes that evoke fond memories of your time on this inspiring archipelago.

Taste of the Caribbean

Fried chicken and rice

Color, spice, and audacious flavor typify the unique, regional cuisines of the Caribbean. Inspired by the culinary influence of settlers from all four corners of the globe, Caribbean cuisine is among the world’s most exciting and distinctive, offering fresh flavors to suit any palate. 

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