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With these Scenic Freechoice excursions discover elegant Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest on a waltz through this beautiful part of Europe. 
  • Be guided through majestic Schönbrunn Palace
    Join a local guide on an exploration of Schönbrunn Palace, the former summer residence of the Habsburg family. A guided exploration through the imperial apartments takes you on a journey through the centuries, where you can discover the countless rooms of great beauty where famous artists and craftsmen from many different epochs created masterpieces, and learn the history and tales of the royal family that lived within the walls. Your visit to the palace is followed by a guided tour of the impressive gardens.
  • Discover Bratislava's communist-era history
    Join an active guided tour which takes you behind the Iron Curtain to learn about Bratislava during the communist regime. Discover how this controversial regime impacted directly on the daily lives of Slovaks. Some aspects were positive, some were negative, most were controversial and all is fascinating.
  • Discover Budapest's Jewish heritage
    Learn about Budapest’s Jewish heritage on a guided tour with an expert local guide, where you’ll learn about the significant Jewish events from history that have shaped the culture of today.
  • Discover Pec's, a city of art and history
    Discover this city of art and history during this guided walking tour and see some of the many attractions the town has to offer such as the building of the first telephone exchange, The Bath of Pasha Memi, the County library and many more.
  • Discover Silistra Fort during an active walking tour
    Join your coach and local guide and transfer to the Fort, situated to the south of Silistra. Upon arrival tour the fort on foot and learn about its history. The fort is the best preserved of the six points of the Turkish fortification system, which played an important role in the Russian-Turkish wars.
  • Enjoy a guided bicycle ride around Belgrade
    Follow the Danube by bike and experience the natural beauty of the area. A local guide will inform you along the way of the diversity of the local area as well as the history of the city and its people.
  • Enjoy a guided walking tour of Vidin
    Take part in a walking tour of Vidin and be introduced to some of its history, as well as learn about extreme tolerance among its residents. You will see the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Dimitar, the mosque, and the synagogue along the way.
  • Explore Bratislava with a local guide
    Join your local guide and enjoy a guided city tour of this historic town before enjoying free time to explore this beautiful city at your leisure.
  • Explore Osijek on a guided city tour
    With an expert local guide on hand enjoy a guided tour of the town of Osijek. See the highlights of the town including the Fort and the Old Town before the opportunity to hear some traditional and classical music popular in the region.
  • Explore the village and local life of Villány
    Head out on a local guided visit the village of Villány and learn about everyday life in Hungary, while sampling some of the delicious local wines.
  • Join a cycling tour of Bratislava
    Join a guided cycling tour and take in the history and sights of Bratislava, historically known as Pressburg. You’ll see the top sights of the Bratislava promenade, the Danube River wonders and many other landmarks on this tour.
  • Join a guided tour through Budapest
    Join a local guide to discover the highlights of this magical city by both coach and on foot. Visit both Buda and Pest, the two districts that are separated by the Danube that make up the city and see Matthias Church, the Fisherman’s Bastion and the medieval town on Castle Hill.
  • Join a walking tour of the city with a student
    Go behind the tourist veneer and learn about life in Belgrade from a student. Get to the heart of the city and learn the troubles and triumphs of the people of Belgrade. Get to know these happy and resilient people as they guide you through their city.
  • Join an in-depth city tour in Belgrade
    Join your local guide and explore the city by coach and foot. Belgrade is one of the oldest capital cities in Europe – take in all the major sights on this guided tour, then enjoy some free time in the city center.
  • Journey to a nearby local village in Bulgaria
    Journey to local a village outside of Silistra where you will have the opportunity to visit a local primary school and meet local children to learn about everyday life in Bulgaria.
  • Journey to Sremski Karlovci
    Journey by coach to nearby town of Sremski Karlovci and upon arrival enjoy a guided tour of this charming Baroque town which was once a hub of the cultural and political life of the Serbians.
  • Learn about Vienna's popular wine region
    Journey outside of Vienna's city center to its acclaimed wine region to hear tales of Vienna’s' long tradition in wine production.
  • Take a guided bike ride through Osijek's countryside
    See the highlights of the city by coach before joining your local guide on a bicycle tour through some of the nature trails on the outskirts of the town.
  • Take a hike to the Belogradchik Fortress
    Enjoy a hiking tour to the Belogradchik Fortress and discover the ruins of the ancient stronghold, which was constructed during the time when the region was part of the Roman Empire.
  • Take a hiking tour of the Buda side of Budapest
    If you’re feeling more active, join a guided hiking tour of the town of Buda. The 2 districts Buda and Pest are separated by the Danube, this tour will also you to get acquainted with the Buda side of the river as you are directed by your local guide.
  • Take an orientation tour of Belgrade
    Join a local guide and explore the city by coach and foot. Belgrade is one of the oldest capital cities in Europe and you will see all the major sights on this guided tour as well as visit Tito's memorial.
  • Take in the sights on a cycle to Danube Island
    Join a cycling tour that takes you to Vienna's center. The tour heads upstream along the river and then crosses to the Danube Island Danube, then cycles back through the Prater Park.
  • Taste your way around the local market
    Join the on board Chef on a guided visit to a local food market, where you will have an opportunity to shop for the best ingredients and then taste them in regional dishes.
  • Tour of city of Vienna
    Join a local guide on a city tour that’s by both coach and on foot. You’ll drive to the Ring Boulevard and see the enchanting sights of the art-nouveau educational institute Urania, the gardens of City Park including the esteemed Strauss Monument and the State Opera house
  • Tour Zsolnay Porcelain Museum
    See the Zsolnay ceramics collection and learn about this special glazing technique originating in 1850s. The current exhibition builds on the collection of the former factory museum, and provides a chronological overview of the ornamental products made at the Zsolnay Ceramics Factory.
  • Venture to a local winery for a tasting
    Venture to the nearby local winery and enjoy a wine tasting. Enjoy sampling local products after learning a brief history of its creation.

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