Jewels of Europe

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Discover a region steeped in history – ancient trade routes, grand palaces and fairytale castles; meander through hillsides, villages and thriving towns and explore the inviting destinations along our Jewels of Europe itinerary with these enticing Scenic Freechoice excursions. 
  • Cycle to Cologne from the charming medieval village of Zons
    Join your fellow passengers on a biking tour from Cologne, where a local guide will be at hand to offer information on the area.
  • Cycle to the Walhalla monument
    A guided bike tour takes you through the wonderful scenery of the Donau Valley. You’ll ride approximately along the riverside, through the countryside, until you arrive at Walhalla, where you will scale 358 steps. The Walhalla is considered the most important of all works commissioned by King Ludwig l of Bavaria.
  • Embark on an enjoyable guided bike ride from Melk to Dürnstein
    Join a guide on a bicycle tour along the Danube to the quaint village of Dürnstein. Pass by charming villages and scenic vineyard landscapes. You will have time to stop along the way to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Danube.
  • Enjoy a walking tour of Regensburg
    A local guide will join you for a walking tour of Regensburg, a town dating back to the Stone Age. You will see many of its most famous and important sights such as the stone bridge, the Church of St James and its famous cathedral.
  • Enjoy quintessential Holland at Zaanse Schans
    Situated just north of Amsterdam, Zaanse Schans was Holland’s first industrial region. Tour this delightful village on the banks of the river Zaan, with its characteristic green wooden houses typical of the area, charming stylized gardens, small hump-backed bridges, tradesmen's workshops, historic windmills and engaging little shops. You will get the opportunity to visit a traditional wooden shoemaker and see how Hollands famed Clogs are made, and you can stroll around and visit an active windmill.
  • Experience an iconic canal cruise to see the city from a different angle*
    This one-hour cruise through Amsterdam's picture-book canals and harbor takes you along the Gentlemen’s' Canal where you will see The Skinny Bridge and The Princes' Canal. You will go past the Old Lord Mayors House, The Seven Bridges in a Row and Anne Frank's House as you head to the Breweries Canal. As the historic center of Amsterdam glides past, you can admire the elegant merchant's residences, churches and warehouses that date from the Golden Age.
  • Experience Melk's magnificent 18th century Benedictine Abbey
    Enjoy a guided tour through the one of the world’s most monastic sites, the Benedictine Abbey. The Abbey overlooks the town of Melk and its highlights include the Abbey church, exquisitely decorated with ceiling Frescoes, and the library with manuscripts that date back to medieval times.
  • Experience the labyrinths of the Hospital in the Rock
    With your local guide, visit the hospital in the rock, a former top-secret nuclear bunker and emergency hospital. Discover the underground hospital furnished with wax figures to give you the spirit of the place. This is an exciting part of history. The underground is moderately flat but there are a few stairs to get there and then again once inside.
  • Explore a different side of Vienna on a cycling tour
    Cycle upstream along the river and then cross to the Danube Island. On the Danube Island, head back downstream along the river and cross the Danube again using the Prater Brucke, from where you’ll cycle back through the Prater Park.
  • Explore Nuremberg by foot on a guided walking tour
    Pass the city walls and courthouse before arriving at Augustinerstrasse, where a local guide will take you on waking tour of Nuremberg. You will learn about many sites that make this city a great spot for visiting, such as the Imperial castle rested high overlooking the city, St. Egidien's Church and the market square. They will stay in your memory long after you leave Nuremberg.
  • Explore the city's Jewish heritage
    The Jewish community in Cologne is one of the oldest Jewish community’s in Europe north of the Alps. A guide will take you on a walk through the former Jewish quarter, an area that dates back to the 12th century.
  • Explore the famous Romantic Road
    Journey along the so-called Romantic Road, were you will see villages that are over 1000 years old as well as some modern and traditional farms. A guide will regale you with the history and legends of the areas and upon arrival, your local guide will show you around the stunning town of Rothenburg, famous for its well-preserved medieval old town. You will see the Gothic and Renaissance City Hall as well as the famous City Councilors’ Tavern with its special attraction, the various clocks that will show you the legendary "Master Draught".
  • Hop on an e-bike and take a guided bicycle tour outside the city
    Cross into a quieter part of town to explore the region beyond the bustling city center of Amsterdam. Your local guide will be at hand to offer information about everyday life of the Dutch people. You will certainly cross path with many locals biking in the same area.
  • Hop on board a local ferry and sail the Danube Gorge to Weltenburg Abbey
    Board a local ferry and sail through the mighty Danube Gorge to the impressive Weltenburg Abbey, set on the banks of the Danube River. Join a local guide and explore the Abbey, founded by monks around 620AD. This Benedictine Abbey is the oldest in Bavaria.
  • Join a Baron and Baroness and learn what it's like to be a royal in the modern day
    Join a Baron and Baroness for a guided tour through castle Gamburg and learn about their modern Royal life over a cup of tea or coffee. This is an exclusive visit for Scenic guests as you are welcomed into the home of Modern royalty.
  • Learn about Beethoven during a walking tour in the city of Bonn
    The esteem German composer and pianist Beethoven had a great connection to Cologne. Join a Beethoven themed walking tour to learn about his connection with this city.
  • Learn about the Viennese coffee culture during a guided tour
    Vienna has a strong coffee culture. In Vienna coffee is seen as an art, and during a guided tour, you will get the chance to engage in the city’s love for coffee.
  • Make the most of a guided tour of Budapest
    Join a local guide and discover the highlights of this magical city by both coach and on foot. Visit both Buda and Pest, the two districts that are separated by the Danube that make up the city. See Matthias Church, the Fisherman’s Bastion and the medieval town on Castle Hill.
  • Meet a local farming family and taste some of their homemade produce
    Meet a local farming family during a visit to their farm, see the traditional farm animals and learn about how they produce all kinds of local delicacies. You will also have the opportunity to taste some of their homemade produce.
  • Meet a local winemaker and join him for a taste of his fine wines
    Hike through the historic Kaffelstein-Vineyard, with a picturesque view to the Wertheim castle and journey down to the historic venue that was owned by the Löwenstein family. Enjoy a wine tasting for with the local vintner who will share his personal secrets about daily work and the life of a wine-farmer in Wertheim.
  • Meet the monks of a local monastery for a tour
    Visit the local town monastery where a few monks still reside. You will be introduced to their way of life and gain an insight into beer production, and will have the opportunity to taste their beer and wine, enjoy a small homemade treat and enjoy a walk through their vineyard and gardens.
  • Opt to visit a local Schnapps producer
    Visit a local Schnapps producer and taste the many flavors and sensations.
  • Relax and unwind at the Thermal Baths and Spa
    Bath Szechenyi is located on the Buda side of Budapest and is known by locals as one of the ‘secret spots of Budapest’. Bath Szechenyi, also known as Császár Baths, are hidden in the backyard of a Classicist-style building in Buda, and is one of the Oldest and most beautiful Turkish baths in Budapest.
  • Stay on board for beer tasting
    Stay on board for a beer tasting experience, enjoy a brief lecture on beer production, and compliment the experience with tastings of this fine brew.
  • Take a guided tour of Bratislava
    Join a local guide and journey by bus to the Slovakian capital Bratislava. Upon arrival, enjoy a guided city tour of this historic town before enjoying free time to explore this beautiful city at your leisure.
  • Take a hike to Buda Hill for breathtaking views over the Danube
    Join your fellow travelers on a beautiful hike up to Buda Hill, UNESCO World Heritage Site. On your walk, see Matthias Church and walk to Fisherman’s Bastion. Great views over the Danube await for you.
  • Take a stroll through Cologne
    Board a coach to Cologne before enjoying a guided walking tour through this historic city. See the famous Cologne Cathedral and the old town and enjoy some free time in Cologne.
  • Take an active walking tour to Thurn and Taxis Palace
    From your ship walk to the fabulous Thurn und Taxis Castle where you will take a guided tour of the elegant castle before having free time to explore castle grounds on own.
  • Take in the beautiful walled town of Rothenburg
    After the guided walking tour, you will have free time to discover the city on your own. Perhaps walk on top of the city wall around the entire town or visit the Medieval Crime Museum (from April-October). Alternatively, visit the Christmas Museum and be pulled into a fairy-tale of Cinnamon, Christmas Trees and glass ornaments, eat a traditional snowball in one of the antique coffee shops or stroll through the romantic Castle Garden.
  • Visit moving WWII sites
    On this 4-hour tour you’ll drive into town passing by the city walls and courthouse before arriving at Augustinerstrasse, where a local guide will take you on a short walk around the center of town before re-boarding the bus and driving to the Zeppelin fields. This tour will give you an insight of the significant part that Nuremberg played during Germany's Nazi regime. You will pass by the Justice Palace and the Imperial castle before arriving at the documentation center where you will have time to take a self-guided tour with an audio guide.
  • Visit Schönbrunn Palace
    Join your local guide on an exploration of Schönbrunn Palace, the former summer residence of the Habsburg family. A guided exploration through the imperial apartments will take us on a journey through the centuries. Discover the countless rooms of great beauty where famous artists and craftsmen from many different epochs created interiors of great beauty and learn the history and tales of the royal family that lived in these walls. After the guided tour, you will see the impressive gardens.
  • Visit the fairy tale castle of Burg Aggstein
    Visit the fairy tale castle Burg Aggstein. High above the Danube you will find Austria's most famous castle ruins. Get a taste of the middle ages during a guided tour of this remarkable piece of history.
  • Walk the streets of Amsterdam with a local guide
    Explore Amsterdam on foot today, discovering the maze of canals and bridges in the city center. Your guide will be covering history, modern lifestyle and Dutch culture. You also get to taste herring, a local delicacy not to be missed.

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