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Meander along the laidback Douro River and dip in and out of vineyards, wineries and palaces with our outstanding program of Freechoice excursions.
  • Côa Valley Museum visit
    Visit the award-winning Côa Valley Museum overlooking the slopes and valleys of the Côa Valley and enjoy a pre-historic workshop, an interactive way to discover the significant history of this region.
  • Côa Valley tasting workshop
    Join the Tastes of the Côa Valley excursion and visit Casa Painova for a sweet almond workshop and a tasting of their almond, olive and fruit, including sweet jams and marmalade.
  • Cork factory visit
    Visit a designer cork factory and discover the many uses for one of Portugal's key exports.
  • Excursion to Guimarães
    Guimarães was the seat of the first King of Portugal and is dominated by the impressive Ducal Palace, which dates back to medieval times. Explore the city with your local guide and learn the cities fascinating history as well as some of the local folklore.
  • Lamego extension
    Tour the elegant town of Lamego, with its many fine Baroque structures. Your tour will culminate at the stunning Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, standing gracefully overlooking the town. The front of the cathedral is lined by a zigzagged stair case decorated in traditional blue and white tiled mosaics leading down to the town center.
  • Mateus Palace tour
    Enjoy a guided visit of Mateus Palace, the historic icon depicted on the labels of Portugal's famous Mateus rose wine. Following your tour of the palace stroll the magnificent gardens of this splendid estate, see the beautiful landscaped gardens dotted with impressive statues and stunning reflective ponds.
  • Pork tasting session
    Visit Vila Nova de Gaia, the historic district set on the banks of the Douro River, for a tasting of the regions famed drop, port, in one of the most famous cellars in Porto.
  • Quinta Aveleda wine tasting
    Explore the fairy-tale like property of Quinta Aveleda, a renowned sparkling wine producer set on an estate boasting incredible gardens. The highlight of this tour is the enchanting gardens, perfectly manicured. This truly is a slice of paradise.
  • Quinta Roeda tasting
    Visit the estate Quinta Roeda for a tasting of their famous export. The estate is over 80 hectares of property in a prime location. Take in the magnificent landscape and the stunning views across the Douro River as you discover the secrets of the vineyard.
  • Sabor river canoeing trip
    If you're more adventurous at heart, take a canoeing excursion on the Sabor River a tributary of the Douro River.
  • Visit to the canning factory
    Visit one of the oldest remaining canning factories in Porto for an insight into their 100-year-old family business.