Ocean Cruising

On Board Scenic Eclipse
Q. Are credit cards accepted on board?
A. Mastercard, Visa and AMEX credit cards are accepted. Unfortunately, Debit Cards or Traveler’s cheques are not accepted.
Q. Are dining tables and seating times assigned?
A. Scenic Eclipse offers freechoice dining during a designated time based on the days program and scheduled excursions.
Q. Are drones permitted?
A. Use of drones is not permitted on board Scenic Eclipse.
Q. Are tables for two available?
A. Guests can request to be accommodated at tables of two. This is a request only and needs to be made on board with the restaurant manager on embarkation day or with your butler. These requests are better accommodated in the smaller venues.
Q. Can I be contacted on the ship if needed?
A. If friends or family need to contact you while you are traveling, they can reach you through the ships satellite phone. Please note: charges will apply and there may be limited reception when cruising through remote areas.

Scenic Eclipse - US satellite phone number: +1 929 259 6820
Q. Can I pay with cash on board?
A. USD cash payments will be accepted at the Guest Services. Cash payments made in AUD, NZD, GBP and CAD will be exchanged into USD before settling a guest account. No coins will be accepted, apart from USD coins.
Q. Can I reserve a table in the speciality restaurants prior to my voyage?
A. Reservations may only be made on board with the restaurant manager on embarkation day or with your butler.
Q. Can you accommodate for special dietary requirements
A. Yes, in most cases we are able to accommodate special requirements. Please provide as much detail as possible prior to your cruise departure of your dietary requirements to the Scenic Reservations team, or your travel agent.
Q. Does Scenic Eclipse have a laundry service on board?
A. Scenic Eclipse is equipped with a free self-service laundry located on Deck 3. It features washing machines, dryers, irons and ironing boards and is available 24 hours.
Q. Is there unlimited Wi-Fi on board?
A. Complimentary Internet facilities are available and Wi-Fi is accessible throughout the ship for your personal electronic devices. We cannot guarantee the availability or quality of the internet connections as this may vary according to destination and weather. Please note service will be limited in Polar and remote regions. Some sites also may not be accessible due to Scenic firewall/company protection.
Q. What is the dress code?
A. When you are relaxing on board, the dress code is smart casual and comfortable. Do not forget your swimsuits and exercise attire for the heated pools and plunge pools, the wellness areas and the gym, yoga and Pilates studio.

For evenings, while there are no formal nights, the recommended on board dress code is elegant casual for most restaurants. Suggested attire for women includes a dress, skirt or slacks with a sweater or blouse, for men, trousers / pants and a collared shirt. A tie and jacket are optional, but not required.
Q. What is the on board currency?
A. The on board currency is US Dollars.
Q. What language is spoken on board?
A. The official language spoken on board is English. All officers, staff and crew as well as local guides and regional specialists speak fluent English. All announcements and lectures will be presented in English.
Q. What power outlets are in my suite?
A. The on board electricity is 220 volt/60 Hz. Your suite is equipped with Schuko power sockets, international power sockets (multi-sockets) and USB type-A sockets. Additionally, one 110v/60 Hz United States type power socket is provided in every cabin together with a shaver Schuko.
Q. Will newspapers be provided on board?
A. Yes, newspapers will be provided electronically. 
Polar Clothing
Q. What do I need to pack for polar regions?
A. To ensure you are properly outfitted for your polar cruise, Scenic will provide you with a complimentary polar parka on selected voyages. You will receive your parka when you embark your cruise and is yours to keep as a memento. You will also have complimentary use of polar boots for the cruise duration. In addition to these items, it is imperative that you bring your own waterproof trousers.
Q. What if a guest's shoe size is smaller/larger than the sizes on the chart?
A. As we can only carry limited sizing’s, guests who may not fit into standard size boots, will need to provide their own boots. To keep feet warm, we recommend to look for insulated polar boots.
Cruising in Antarctica
Q. What is the difference between Antarctica and the Arctic?
A. Antarctica and the Arctic are, quite literally, polar opposites, and there are many differences between these two fascinating destinations.
Q. What destinations will I visit on an Antarctica cruise?
A. Our Antarctica cruises not only take in this extraordinary continent, but also visit two fascinating archipelagos. Little islands with big tales to tell, South Georgia Island is one of the most unique and biologically diverse ecosystems on Earth and the Falkland Islands offer up stunning natural beauty, complete with an intriguing history. Read more about where you will visit on an Antarctica cruise
Q. What should I pack for an Antarctica cruise?
A. Any trip to Antarctica is a truly thrilling experience, particularly so if it is your first time. However, knowing what to pack for Antarctica can prove challenging. Uncertain about what to bring, many first time polar travelers typically over pack. Let us help with our Polar Expedition Packing Guide here.
Q. Is an Antarctica cruise safe?

Our highest priority is our guests safety and Scenic Eclipse has been built to ensure the highest international safety standards. Scenic Eclipse uses custom-built stabilizers that are 50% larger than those of other ships and which provide far greater stability as it navigates the world's oceans.

With forward bow thrusters, a Polar Class 9 rating, and an electronic Azipod propulsion system, Scenic Eclipse is able to navigate through Arctic and Antarctic waters safely. This dedication to your safety, environmental protection and world-class innovation has allowed us to design the most inspiring and exciting itineraries possible.

Q. When is the best time to travel to Antarctica?
A. Winter in Antarctica is exceptionally cold. A complete lack of sunlight and treacherous winds during April to September mean the only accessible time for humans to explore the last great wilderness of Earth is during the warmer months of late October to March. This is when the sea ice begins to melt, allowing ships to cruise through its immaculate waters.
Q. What wildlife could I see in Antarctica?
A. A plethora of wildlife calls the Antarctic Peninsula home with vast colonies and species of penguins, seals and pods of whales. The sheer amount of wildlife guests have the opportunity to observe on an Antarctica cruise is what makes it so unique and sets it apart from just about any other place in the world. To learn about all the wildlife species you could see on an Antarctic voyage, read more here.
Q. What can I expect on an Antarctica cruise?
A. As a visitor what can you do in Antarctica? What will the weather be like? How should I prepare? Will there be many wildlife spotting opportunities? Knowing what you can expect on your Antarctica adventure is key to helping you make the most out of your trip - read our guide on what to expect when cruising to Antarctica here
Q. What is Antarctica?
A. Encompassing an area of 14 million square kilometres, almost twice the size of Australia and home to 90% of all ice on earth, it soon becomes clear why Antarctica is labelled the “the land of snow and ice”. One of the least explored continents on earth, and laying claim to be the coldest, windiest and driest place on Earth, no humans permanently reside here. Read more about what Antarctica is here
Embarkation and Disembarkation
Q. What is the address for my embarkation pier?
A. Pier locations will be outlined in your documentation.
Q. What time does disembarkation start?
A. All guests must check out of their suites no later than 08:30; guests can remain in the public areas but need to disembark the ship by 09:30 at the latest. Further information will be provided towards the conclusion of your voyage.
Q. What time does embarkation start?
A. Embarkation takes place from midday to 3pm.
Q. Who do I contact if my flight is delayed on embarkation day?
A. Your documentation will contain contact details for our local Scenic representative and Port Agent for the region in which you are traveling.
Q. Can I book a Helicopter and Submarine excursion?
A. Discovery experiences can only be booked at the Excursion Centre on board and are subject to availability, regulatory approval and prevailing weather, marine and ice conditions and may be canceled at short notice. We cannot guarantee availability, even if you have made an on board reservation. Some activities require a minimum and maximum number of participants to operate.
Q. When are Scenic Freechoice excursions available to book?
Port Information
Q. Will tenders be used at my port of call?
A. A mix of docking in port and tenders will be used for most voyages. Further information will be provided in your documentation.
Health and Medical
Q. Do I need a medical certificate to take a cruise?
A. In order for us to ensure your comfort and safety, all guests need to complete an online medical form, which will be available 90 days prior to sailing.
Q. What are the medical services on board
A. For your peace of mind, Scenic Eclipse is equipped with a medical centre offering primary care, staffed by a doctor on call at all times. You must advise us prior to finalising your booking of any pre-existing medical conditions that might increase your risk of requiring medical attention, affecting the normal conduct of the cruise and / or the enjoyment of other cruise guests.

It is important to note, however, that there are no hospitals or doctors available in polar and remote regions, and emergency evacuation is extremely difficult and expensive.

Cruising conditions can be unpredictable and rough waters may be encountered at any time. If you suffer from sea sickness, please consult your Medical Practitioner prior to your cruise and carry the recommended preventative medications at all times. Our resident medical team are available to assist you with additional medication and services if required, with any relevant payments charged to your on board account.
Children Policy
Q. Are Children welcome on board?
A. Luxury expedition style cruising is not recommended for children under 12. Guests under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by an adult and must share their accommodation with an adult. No children programs or babysitting services are available on board.
Smoking Policy
Q. What is the smoking policy?
A. Scenic Eclipse is a non-smoking vessel in all public areas. There is a designated outside smoking area on Deck 6 for guests. All suites, including suite veranda’s and terraces are non-smoking.
Visitor Policy
Q. What is the Scenic Eclipse visitor policy?
A. In selected ports on request, visitors may be allowed on board. Visitation is not permitted on embarkation and disembarkation day. A visitor form is to be completed prior to the cruise. The guests will be informed once approved. Visitors will receive a visitor pass at ship’s gangway after they provide photo identification. Visitors will need to be accompanied at all times.
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